About the Union

We're a Union representing over 30,000 students at the University of Leeds. By providing opportunities, helping to create change and offering support, we're here to help students love their time at Leeds.

A Community of Students

Our students form one of the biggest student communities in the country.

Here to Make Things Better

We're here to help students change the things they want to see changed.

Helping Skills to Grow

Learning goes beyond lectures. We help students to develop the skills they need.

A Social Space

A cafe, seating areas, a common room and more. We provide all sorts of areas to relax and socialise.

Offer a Helping Hand

Having problems or need someone to turn to? We offer free independent advice.

Bringing People Together

From skydiving to debating, our 250 groups are an essential part of university life.

Shops, Bars and Clubs

We host a great range of services and reinvest all the money spent in them.

Representing Our Students

There are reps for every area of student life, making things better for everyone.

Working in Partnership

At Leeds, staff and students work in partnership to decide what is learnt and how. We work with the University to make this happen.


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