AGMs and EGMs

This is everything that you need to know in regards to running an Annual General Meeting (AGM). Please ensure that you follow these rules and guidelines.


An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is an essential part of a group's yearly plan. It is in place to ensure that your society remains democratic; giving your members the opportunity to stand and vote in a new committee, make changes to the constitution and hear the annual report from the President/Captain and Treasurer.

How and When?

Your AGM ideally should be held before March, as April will be the Easter break and May will be exam period and by June some, if not most of your members will have left to start their summer holidays. Handing over before Easter will ensure that the new committee has enough time to get to know one another and make plans for the coming year and attend the committee training day. Remember subsidy application take place at the end of February/ beginning of March – give your new committee enough time to get a handle on things so that they can submit a good application.


  • At least 10 days notice must be given to the date of your AGM.
  • All your members must be informed of the positions that are available to stand for.
  • Your AGM date must be advertised on your LUU webpage or member accessible website (e.g. Facebook)
  • It must be held no later than 365 days after the last one.
  • Your meeting's agenda must be available online 5 days before your AGM.


  • You must be a University of Leeds student and member of your society to stand for an exec position (president, treasurer or secretary).
  • Each candidate must provide a manifesto (this can be distributed before the AGM or simply presented at the AGM).
  • Members are allowed to stand for more than one executive and one non executive position maximum. 
Did you know... you can hold AGMs and EGMs online? Click here to find out more!
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