Closure and Inactivity

Closure and Inactivity

Should your group no longer continue to be active, or you are unable to provide enough committee members to function then this is the process:


  • AGM/EGM: Hold an AGM. If no one stands or you fail to meet the necessary requirements to hold a democratic AGM (meeting quorum), hold an EGM. If the same thing happens again, your group will be deemed inactive, with accounts being frozen and activity halted.


  • Freshers/Refreshers: This will be the opportunity to recruit a potential committee and members. From this an EGM can be held. If it is fair and democratic and the a committee voted in, they will be reactivated and can start operating as a group again.


  • Activities Exec: Will review the group status with the Development Coordinator and decide if they are to continue operating, have measures put in place (i.e. review points, targets to meet) or to close.


Should the group have no activity for over 12 months, it will formally close and reactivation of the group can only take place by going via the Society Formation process:


To Qualify as a Society

There are certain requirements you must meet to remain an official LUU Club or Society:

  • Minimum of 25 University Leeds student members
  • Committee led by an executive of University of Leeds students that are members of your group
  • You are allowed external people to be members of your group, as well as graduates, Leeds Becketts students, and members of the public, but there must be a 80:20 split.
  • Non Univesity of Leeds students are able to hold other, none exec, committee roles
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