Committee Change of Details


Once you have held your AGM and elected a new committee you need to let us know about it. We need two things from you: new committee details and AGM minutes. This is always the responsibilty of the outgoing committee.


Change of Committee Contacts Form

This should be filled out by the outgoing committee as soon as the new committee are known. It ensures the new committee are kept updated with information about the committee training day, Give it a Go, freshers' events and all important information. We will use it to arrange an induction and, most importantly, give the new committee access to the admin area of the clubs and socities webpages.


AGM Minutes

We also need you to provide us with minutes for the meeting. These should detail attendees, the elections staged and notes on the President and Treasurer's reports. A suggested order of business is below:

  1. President’s/ Captain’s/ Chair’s Report of the years activities
  2. Finance Report given by Treasurer
  3. Constitutional Amendments
  4. Elections (i. Candidates read manifestos.  ii. Secret ballot is taken. iii. Results)
  5. Any Other Business
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