You have a constitution to define how you run as a club or society. With a yearly turnover of committee, your constitution is there to maintain a clear definition and framework, ensuring that integral process continue year on year.

Every group starts with a sample constitution, outlining the basic framework applicable to any club or society. In order to make your constitution personal to your group, you can organise a vote at an AGM or EGM. Your Development Coordinator can offer you support through this process.

Your constitution will include:

  • The aims and objectives of your group
  • The responsibilities of each committee position
  • Rules around who can be a member (e.g. non Leeds University students can be associate members but cannot vote or stand in elections)

For any constitutional changes, whether at an AGM or EGM, they must be agreed upon by all in attendance before they can be considered by your Development Coordinator and Activities Officer to be signed off.

If any changes have been made and agree by the Activities Officer, ensure you send an up to date copy of your Constitution to your Development Coordinator, so it can be saved on file.

The Union has its own constitution, made up of its byelaws, articles of association and policy.

You can view our sample constitution and download it here.

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