Booking Spaces

The Helpdesk team manages room bookings for all clubs and societies and LUU staff.

There are several meeting rooms and rehearsal spaces within LUU and we have access to some seminar rooms and lecture theatres on campus. Union rooms are available 8.30am-12 midnight Mon- Sat, 12 noon - 12 midnight Sun (during term time).

Who can book rooms?

To book a room you must:

  • Have had a cash office induction.
  • Have had an induction with your Development Coordinator
  • Be an LUU society committee member and be registered with the room booking system (contact to request a username and password).


How to book LUU Spaces

Follow the link below to book LUU meeting rooms 1-6.

If you would like to book any of the Dance Studios or Common Ground then please contact to make your booking. 

If you would like to book any of the Event spaces, e.g. Stylus then please contact

Book a space online

For more information about the Room Booking System, see the "How to use Room Booking System" section


How to use LUU rooms

As our bookable rooms on campus are over subscribed we have certain procedures in place to ensure every room that is booked is actually used.

  • You must sign in on the sheet outside the room to show that you have used your booking. If any group repeatedly does not use their bookings their Dev-Co, Rep and the Activities Officer will be informed. This is to ensure rooms are used to capacity.
  • You must be in the room you have booked within 15 minutes of the start time of the booking. If a room is empty and has not been signed for after this time we may give the room away to other societies. This is to ensure rooms are not left empty when others wish to use them, and societies book rooms only for the time they actually require it.
  • You must vacate the room promptly at the end of your booking.
  • You must inform us in advance of any food to be consumed and or any guest speakers. 
  • You must leave the room clean and tidy.
  • We ask that any rooms you have booked but no longer require are cancelled as soon as possible.


How to Book University Rooms 

University lecture theatres and seminar rooms are managed by University Timetabling team, but are bookable via the LUU Helpdesk.

The Timetabling team will not accept any booking by students directly.

Complete the request form online. You'll receive a confirmation email within 24 hours (or the following Monday if you request over the weekend).

University booking request form

All central teaching spaces are available to book, however there are a limited number of buildings which are open on evenings and weekends.

Below are details of the buildings which are open on evenings and weekends. All other buildings close at 6pm Monday to Friday and are closed on weekends.

It is possible to request a building be opened for your booking, at an additional charge (see below)

All spaces have a projector and PC as standard.


Parkinson Building

Opening times (term time)

Mon-Thurs 9am-9.30pm

Friday 9am-6.30pm

Saturday 10am-5pm

Sunday 10am-7pm


8 x seminar rooms ranging in capacity from 12 to 88.

The Council Chambers is also available on request for formal events- please note there are no projection facilities in the Council Chambers.


Baines Wing

Opening times (term time)

Mon-Thurs 8.30am-9.30pm

Friday 8.30am-5pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed


Miall Lecture Theatre, capacity 76

18 x seminar rooms ranging in capacity from 20 to 50


Michael Sadler

Opening times (term time)

Mon-Thurs 8.30am-9.30pm

Friday 8.30am-5pm

Saturday 12 noon - 4pm

Sunday Closed


Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre capacity 350

12 x seminar rooms ranging in capacity from 10 to 67

LG10 is a dance & performance rehearsal venue, capacity 100

The Banham Theatre is available as a performance venue to hire in weeks 1-7 of Term 1 on a trial basis via Stage @ Leeds 

Contact Steve Ansell for details

Michael Sadler Building information & directions


Maurice Keyworth (Business School)

Opening times (term time)

Mon-Friday 8am-9pm

Saturday 9.30am-11.30am

Sunday Closed


Yorkshire Bank Lecture capacity 160

Western Lecture Theatre capacity 240

12 x seminar rooms randing in capacity from 26 -102

Maurice Keyworth building information and directions


Checking availability

Availability for each room can be viewed at the link below.

Individual room timetables

Please note, the timetables do not show building closing times, so rooms may appear to be available, when in fact they are closed.

 For full list of opening times see:

University building opening times


How to use University rooms

  • University rooms must only be used for meetings - dance and performance rehearsals are not permitted (except in LG10 and Banham Theatre)
  • You must leave the room in its official layout, according to the display on the wall inside.
  • You must vacate the room promptly at the end of your booking.
  • No food can be consumed in the rooms
  • You must leave the room clean and tidy.
  • Furniture must not be taken out of any room. Tables and chairs cannot be moved into another room and they cannot be stored outside the room in the corridor, even temporarily.
  • You must not disturb other users of the building by making excessive noise.
  • We ask that any rooms you have booked but no longer require are cancelled as soon as possible.
  • Not suitable for rehearsals


Requesting  bookings outside normal opening times

If you are planning an event which requires a specific University building outside their normal opening hours you can request the building be opened for you.

There is a cost of £17.95 per hour for a porter, plus an extra hour on top of your required opening times to allow time to open and close the building. This cost will pay for a porter to open 1 building, but you can use as many rooms within that space as you require.

The porter will receive a request to work overtime to cover the booking, but if he is not available it may not be possible to open the building for your request.

Please email the Helpdesk with your request, with as much notice as possible


How to book University Conference and Event Spaces

If you wish to book an event in a University Conference & Events owned space, (Parkinson Court, Refectory, Senior Common Room, Edward Boyle grass, the Precinct or Grass outside LUU), get in contact with your Development Coordinator to discuss the planning and booking process.


Please note the Edward Boyle grass and Grass outside the Union are currently under construction.


Please be aware of the following when booking a University spce for your event:

  • Bookings must be in to your Development Coordinator a minimum of three weeks before the planned event
  • Your Development Coordinator will then confirm whether the space is available and will negotiate this with you
  • The space will then be provisionally booked until all relevant paperwork is completed
  • For the above spaces an "In principle permission to proceed" form is required (this needs to be in at least two weeks before the event.) See:
  • This form, along with a Risk Assessment and any other relevant paperwork, must be checked by your Development Coordinator
  • Once checked all paperwork will be sent by your Development Coordinator to the University's Conference and Events Office for authorisation. It is important all this information is ready to be sent together to avoid delays.
  • When the paperwork is approved a contract will be sent to the Development Coordinator. You will then need to come and sign this at the Student Activities Office
  • In the case of the Refectory, you will also need to have a meeting with the Refectory manager before the event
  • Any other requirements needed (display boards, tables, chairs, etc) please inform your Development Coordinator well in advance

You can check availability of the precinct and grass outside LUU on the Room Booking System and reserve a spot, however your booking is not confirmed until you have met with your Development Coordinator and completed the University's bookings procedure.


A guide to The Little LUU House

Where is it?

On Clarendon Place.  Walk out the main doors of LUU, turn left and go straight ahead past the Refectory and University House.  Take the third street on the left - there's a street sign marked Clarendon Place. Walk to the end of the street - after passing the Student Counselling Centre on the right, take the little path to the right and follow it up a ramp to the green door.

What is it?

The Little LUU House has two main rooms, which are both a bit like living rooms with comfy chairs and coffee tables, and clipboards you can use to lean on.

How do I get in?

You’ll need to collect the key from the Helpdesk before your booking.  Remember we close at 7pm on weekdays and 5pm on weekends, so come before that time.  In the evening, if there’s a society booked in before your booking contact them to arrange to collect the key from them.

Just pop the key in the door and turn it anticlockwise to unlock, then make sure it’s horizontal (flat) before you pull it out.  When you’re leaving, turn the lights off and turn the key clockwise to lock it (making sure it’s flat when you take it out or it’ll not come out!)

When you’re finished in the space, return the key to the Helpdesk straight away. If we’re closed, either give the key to the next society who are booked in or drop it into the black postbox to the left of the Helpdesk. You can collect your student card from 8:30am the next morning (noon on Sunday)

How do I get help?

If you’ve got any questions or queries, just ask at the Helpdesk, call us on 0113 3801 400 or email

After the Helpdesk is closed, for urgent queries contact the LUU Duty Manager, via the Security team on the main entrance of LUU or by calling 07581 476084 

In an emergency, contact Campus Security on 0113 343 2222

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