How to Book Stalls

The Helpdesk team manages stall bookings in the LUU foyer for all clubs and societies and LUU staff.

There are 15 stall spaces within LUU which are usually booked from 10-4pm Mon-Fri (during term time).

Who can book stall?

To book a stall you must:

  • Have had a cash office induction.
  • Have had an induction with your Development Coordinator
  • Be an LUU society committee member, or an authorised RAG member, and be registered with the room booking system (contact to request a username and password).

How to book LUU Stalls

Follow the link below to book a stall in the LUU foyer. The stalls are labelled according to their location (see below stall plan)

Book a space online

1. Book a stall online 

2. Email the Helpdesk a completed risk assessment (see Risk Assessment section below)

3. Email the Helpdesk a food hygeine certificate if you are planning to sell home made food. 

Stall plan

Risk Assessments

Before your stall booking can be confirmed you must send a completed risk assessment to the Helpdesk. 

1. Read through it thoroughly and tick any hazards which apply to your stall.
2. If there are any further hazards specific to your stall add these to the form and state how you will reduce the risk of these occurring.
3. State the name of the person responsible for each hazard and sign the document to record your commitment to follow the instructions suggested to reduce the risk of all hazards.
4. Email the completed form to 


If you are selling food on your stall, LUU is responsible for ensuring that food is fit for purpose.
Shop bought food 
When selling shop bought food, your supplier is responsible for ensuring the food is prepared safely. However we do require you to follow certain food hygiene principles to ensure the food is not contaminated before sale.
  • All food must be individually wrapped (i.e. donuts must be wrapped individually in cling film / sandwich bags, not grouped in boxes.) We recommend you consider how and when you will ensure this is done prior to your booking. Remember, always wash your hands thoroughly and work in a clean space when wrapping food for sale.
  • Anyone suffering from any potentially contagious illness should not be involved in the preparation or sale of food.
  • Food sold must not conflict with products that we sell in the Union


Home made food

If you plan to sell home-made food at your stall, as well as following all of the above food hygiene principles, one member of your society must have a food hygiene certificate. This certificate must be in date (most last for 3 years) and at least a Level 2. You can gain a Food Hygiene qualification through the Student Activities Office- information can be found here.
This person is responsible for the hygiene of the food and so must supervise the preparation of all the food that is to be sold. You must email a copy of this to the Helpdesk and display the certificate on your stall at the time of your booking. If you do not have your food hygiene certificate on the day of your stall you will not be permitted to sell your food within LUU.
A full list of ingredients should be available for all potential customers to see. Please highlight foods that contain nuts with clear signs for consumers to see, along with other common allergies/intolerances, i.e. dairy, gluten, etc.
You need to ensure gloves are worn and that you don't handle food and money with the same hand- have some one person hand out the food and another person handling the finances.
If you arrive at your stall with food whcih has not been wrapped / prepared to standard or you do not have a valid food hygeine certificate for home made food you may not be permitted to hold your stall.

How to get the most out of your stall

The best stalls stand out from the crowd, so why not come up with an engaging and interactive activity. Quizzes, games and competitions can help draw people in who otherwise would walk past. Ensure you notify the Helpdesk the nature of your activity and that you have a Risk Assessment in place.
The Union's flyering policy means that "informed flyering" is allowed within the Union. Start a conversation with someone, then give them a flyer as a reminder of the conversation, as opposed to just handing out random leaflets, which more often than not end up being binned than read. Please be advised if you wish to flyer outside the Union you need to apply for a permit from Leeds City Council. Any unofficial flyering can lead to a monetary fine.
Try to keep your stall manned all day, especially during the busy lunchtime period, but avoid having too many society members and friends crowded round the stall at any one time, as it can be off-putting to other students.
Have someone responsible for health and safety throughout the day and remember to read through your risk assessment and keep it with you, to ensure the precautions you have agreed to are put in place.

Keep within the space of your stall, as obstructing routes is a health and safety hazard! Give students the option to walk past you.

Come up with an interesting and artistic display to attract attention. You can borrow a display board from the Helpdesk for a deposit of £50. Please note that if the boards are damaged while under your care you will be expected to cover the damage of repair or for a replacement board (£200 maximum). Please do not stick posters to the wall.
Short performances can be a great way to publicise your stall, but Helpdesk need notification in advance to ensure it is done in a safe manner. Pre-arrange with Helpdesk to get your performance authorised and organise set times to put on a show!
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