External Speakers

External Speakers

New information for 2017-18

In order to make sure we can continue to invite a diverse range of speakers onto campus, and that we don’t have to refuse platform to anybody, we’ve revised our external speaker process to make it more robust.

Every group inviting an external speaker to one of their events (whether this is on or off campus) needs to fill out an external speaker form.  Section 1a will be filled out by every group. An assessment will be made by trained LUU staff on whether speakers are potnetially high-profile or controversial. Section 2 will be filled out only by groups who are inviting speakers who may be high-profile or controversial.

This means that most groups will only fill out one, simplified form in almost all cases.

Details of the two forms for groups are below:

Section 1a contains general information about your speaker and the event. Look on the internet and find out as much as possible about the speaker that you are inviting and share this with us. If you have more than one speaker at an event, please list all the speakers in one form. This must be filled out a minimum of 2 weeks before the event.

Groups inviting potentially high-profile or controversial speakers will be asked to fill in Section 2 which constitutes a full and detailed risk assessment of the event. You will also be offered further support including a meeting to ensure that the event is managed and risked assessed well.



Once you have filled in Section 1a of the form, please allow time for the Form to be checked.

Student Activities will confirm whether

  1. The speaker has been deemed ‘non-controversial’ – allowing you to go ahead with the event immediately.
  2. The speaker has been deemed ‘high-profile or controversial’ – in this case you will be invited to arrange a meeting with a trained member of staff to talk through your event.  Other meetings with, for example, University security may be required.  You will also be asked at this point to fill in the additional form if you have not done so already


The external speaker forms can be found here:


If you have any questions pleas email activities@leeds.ac.uk

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