4) Paying Out of Your Account

To pay money out of your account, whether it is in cash or a bank transfer you must complete a green Expense/Advance form, which can be found on the wall opposite the Cash Office.  This will need to be signed by one of your society’s cash office signatories.

If you are the payee of form (ie, you’re the one receiving the money) it must be signed off by one of the other signatories. You cannot sign for money to pay yourself.

There are 3 sections - Payee, Details and Authorisation. All 3 sections are compulsory.

Payee - This is where you fill in the details of the person who is being paid. You only complete one half of this section, depending on how the person being paid is receiving the money. If it's by bank transfer, fill in the left hand side (BACS), and if it's by cash then fill in the right hand side (CASH).

Details - This is where you tell us what the expense is, which club or society is being charged, and whether it is an expense, an advance (cash only) or a float (cash only). Make sure you put the account code of where you want this payment to come from and the amount for that line.

Authorisation - This is where the form must be signed by an authorised signatory of the accounts. 

When you have a completed form which has been authorised, come to the counter and ring the bell. If you aren't sure how to fill in the form, there is a guide on the wall opposite the Cash Office.

Expenses/BACS: You must always hand in supporting documents when claiming an expense or paying by BACS; either an invoice or receipts. These MUST be printed off - we will not take the green form off you without them.  

For a cash advance you will be allowed to withdraw the money, on the proviso that the documents are provided within 10 working days – if they are not returned within this time frame your account will be frozen until the receipts are returned. Please chat to us about this at the Cash Office.

Floats: You can withdraw a float in the same way as a cash advance. Complete the green form and let us know what you want in the float (e.g. £50 of £1 coins and £10 of 50p). You will have 10 working days to return the float, and it must be paid back in separate to any other money you have received, making sure you indicate the reference number from the green form. As with any cash, the person receiving the float must be present with their ID to receive it, and this person cannot also have authorised the green form.

If your account is frozen you will not be able to pay money out of the account, in cash or through BACS transfer.

When you return your receipts for a cash advance you must either bring the yellow copy of the original advance, or note down the reference number from the original advance on the top of the receipt.

There are two main ways to pay money out of your account:

  • Cash      
  • BACS (Bank Transfer)

We can also pay by cheque, but only in extreme circumstances - please speak to us at the Cash Office about this if you require a cheque. (Please note, we do not give cheque for "damage deposits")


Up to £200 cash a day can be withdrawn from your club/society account (providing you have the money in your account).

Any member of your club/society can be the payee (receive the money) as long as the green form is signed off by a cash office signatory.  This must be picked up in person by the payee - you cannot collect money on their behalf - and they must have some form of ID with them.

Remember, if you are the payee on the form, it must be signed off by one of the other signatories.


You can pay out any amount by bank transfer, providing you have the money in your account. 

We do a BACS payment run once a week. The deadline for getting a payment onto that week's payment run is 4.30pm on Tuesday, otherwise we cannot guarantee it will be paid that week.

If you submit a payment by BACS, it will usually credit the payees account on the Friday (if you got the green form in on time).

Be aware: during busy term time periods it can take up to 10 working days.

It’s advisable to always plan ahead, and get green forms to the Cash Office well before an important payment is due.

It’s also a good idea to let payees know a realistic timeframe for how long it takes for a payment to reach them.

If you are worried about an urgent payment being made on time, talk to the Cash Office and they will do their best to ensure your payment is made as soon as possible.

The details we will need in order to make a bank transfer to someone are:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address (to send confirmation of payment / contact with any queries)
  • Sort Code (6 digits)
  • Account Number (8 digits)

Make sure the bank details you enter on the green form are correct – otherwise the payment will not be made.  

If we are reimbursing members for £500.00 or more because they have paid for something on behalf of your Club/Society then we will require a copy of their bank statement to prove they spent the money as claimed.

For any payments over £1000.00, we will also need to see proof of the recipients bank details whether on an invoice, a letter on headed-paper or at the least an e-mail from the recipient. If you don't provide this, there will be a delay on making the payment.

Foreign Currency Payments

It is possible for us to make payments to foreign bank accounts on your behalf.  Please be aware that this will take longer than a standard BACS transfer and you will be charged a fee for making a payment in a foreign currency (anything from £5-£30 depending on the currency and how the bank process it).

In order to make a foreign currency payment we will need more details than for a payment to a UK bank account.

We will need:

  • The name of the company
  • The name and address of the receiving bank account
  • The IBAN number of the account
  • The SWIFT / BIC / Clearing Code

We'll need to see this information on an invoice or in an e-mail from the payee.

Please note, we can pay in most major foreign currencies, but not all of them.

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