6) Accessing the Test

To access the cash office test, please read below:


In all instances, ensure that Javascript and Flash are enabled on the Test Page, otherwise it'll just show a purple screen.

If it's Google Chrome, you need to click on the grey shield at the right of the address bar and tell it to "load unsafe scripts".

In Internet Explorer, you need to click "Show All Content" on the warning bar at the bottom.

In Mozilla Firefox, you need to click on the padlock at the left of the address bar and tell it to "load javascript" (or something similar to this).


The above might not work if you’re using an apple device.


You don’t need to print the certificate off (you can if you want to) as a picture or screen shot on a phone or laptop will be fine to show us.

But you MUST bring your student ID card. We won’t sign you on to the accounts without it.

You also need to be registered as a committee member with Student Activities.



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