Funding Opportunities

We now have 4 funding opportunities for existing Clubs and Societies. These are for ALL Clubs and Societies so please apply for it - we want to give it to you. 

Check out the information below. It's just one application form to complete, which you can download here, and e-mail it to

You'll be e-mailed to inform you of an outcome or if more information is required. This might take a couple of weeks depending on application deadlines.


LUU Grant

This is direct funding from LUU to support the operational running and development of your Club or Society. Please find the guidelines on what this funding can be used for here.

There will be opportunities to apply again in 2018/19.

Please apply for funding when you actually need it - this will affect the outcome of your application.  

Priority will be given to first time applicants in each round of funding.

The decision on whether you are awarded this funding is made by the Activities Exec and the Activities Officer. 

**please note, your Club or Society is NOT eligible for this grant if you receive funding from Cost of Sport**


Footsteps Funding

This funding comes from the Alumni and Development Team at the University, and is primarily from generous donations made by Alumni of the University.

This funding supports projects of approximately £800+ which 'support the student experience'. There is great emphasis on the amount of people this funding will support.

The funding does not support "business as usual" activity or food/drink.

Please note, after the initial application to LUU, we meet with Footsteps to discuss the applications, and decide which will go forward to the Committee for review. There are normally two opportunities to apply each year, once in the Summer and once in the Winter (the actual date changes each year). The earlier you get your application in, the more time we have to help you get it fool proof so that the University will absolutely give you the money.


The next deadline is will be in November 2018  please read the guidelines here, then download this form and send it to Please note, this deadline is strict, anything received after this time will NOT be considered in the next round.


For more information on this funding pot, please contact the Cash Office,



Leeds for Life Funding

This funding also comes from the University. The aim of this funding is to develop your skills and benefit others. Examples include: Attending conferences and setting up projects in Madagascar.

The maximum amount you can apply for here is £500.00.

For more information, please contact the Fundraising and Enterprise team at or go to the website



Please be aware, none of the above pots of funding support retrospective projects.



LUU New Activity Grant

Do you or someone you know want to set up a new Club or Society?

We can now fund your new Activity up to £250 to help you run a formation event or with the initial set up costs for you Club/Society.

The formation event must have been officially sanctioned by the LUU Activities Team for you to be eligible for this funding.

Please find the guidelines on what this funding can be used for here.

It’s the same application form given above as for the other funding pots, and still needs to be sent to

The decision on the outcome of any applications for this pot of funding is made by the Head of Activities, Clubs & Societies Manager and the Activities Officer.

You will need to pay for things and then claim them back. 


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