2. Incentive funding

We offer incentive funding to groups that run successful Give It A Go sessions.

How much money?

Incentive funding is available for 1 session per term (maximum of £320 per academic year) and is dependent upon the number of non-members that attend your session.

The amount of incentive funding available is as follows:

Term 1 (September - December)

  • 0-14 non-members : £80
  • 15+ non-members : £160

Term 2 (January to March/April)

  • 0-9 non-members: £80
  • 10-14 non-members: £130
  • 15+ non-members: £160

An added incentive funding bracket (£130) is available in term 2 as it is generally harder to achieve the number of non-members in this term.

If you are running more than 1 session in a term, then it is assumed that incentive funding will be assessed against your first session. If you believe that a different session will be more popular, and would like the funding to be against this instead, then you must email giag@leeds.ac.uk specifying this before your first event has taken place. Once this change has been agreed, then it cannot be changed back if your previous sessions are unexpectedly popular.

Signup Sheets

In order to receive this funding, you must email a completed Give it a Go sign up sheet to giag@leeds.ac.uk within 2 weeks of your session. If you fail to do so, or return this late, then you will not receive any funding.

Signup sheets are available to download using the link below:

Sign up Sheet PDF / Sign up Sheet Excel

The signup sheet must be completed by everyone that attends the session including members, non-members and committee. If no one attends your session, please add the details of those who ran it and email the sign up sheet as usual.

In order to be eligible for incentive funding the following information is compulsory and must be collected and handed in on the official Give it a Go signup sheet :

1) First Name

2) Surname

3) Student Numbers

4) If the attendee is a member of the group or not

Failure to collect this information and hand in an official Give it a Go sign up sheet will result in the loss of funding. No make-shift or non-official forms will be accepted. 

Please note : Names & Student Numbers will only be seen by the Student Activities Team and is used to work out how much your club or society can gain in incentive funding. It is not shared with any other LUU departments or third parties. 

Please do not delete any email correspondence with us, as we may need to refer to this in the future. 

When do we get the money?

We have two payment runs during each semester and you will be notified when and if you are recieve to incentive funding. 



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