1. Planning

In order to have a successful session, it is important to plan carefully. You need to make sure that what you are doing appeals to all students, and that it is financially viable.

The basics

Firstly, decide what activity you could do that represents you as a society. For some, such as Sports and Martial Arts groups this is straight forward but for others, you may need to be creative. You may find you are running a popular activity which other groups are also hosting such as bowling or a pub quiz so try and do something unique and be different! 

Evening slots between 6pm and 8pm are the most popular time to run sessions. There can be as many as 8 sessions running at once, so you should think carefully about when you would like to run yours as you can end up competing for space and participants. If it is a day long activity, it should fall on the weekend to allow most people to attend. 

You should work with your committee to devise a title, a short description and an itinerary of the event. Make sure that you allocate tasks to your members to ensure that the event runs smoothly on the day. When writing your description, make the event sound fun. Don't put lots of exclamation marks - they don't make it sound more exciting. 

If you are planning a trip away, e.g. to the zoo or to an attraction, think carefully about your transport and ticket prices. If a person can do the same activity cheaper than what you’re offering it for, then they are significantly less likely to attend.

You can charge people to attend your session, but ensure that this is reasonable. Once session fees go beyond £5, attendance figures noticeably decrease; if you are charging, make sure it is value for money. 


Please make sure that you put a first, second and third preference date as demand is high. There is a maximum of 8 sessions per day and priority is given to groups who rely on signups and trials at the beginning of the year. Remember, we can't allocate every group a session in the first two/three weeks - these are the most popular requests and demand is extremely high. 


If you have an LUU, SPA or University block-booking and wish to have a session within these facilities, then your requested dates and times must be within your block booking slot. Due to space constraints, we cannot provide additional time or space to those that have block bookings.

If you are requesting University space, then please note that rooms are not available for booking until after 5pm at the earliest due to teaching times.

If you are having your session at an external venue then you must book this within 1 week of receiving confirmation of date and time. If sessions are changed or cancelled due to not booking space, then your group will forfeit its incentive funding.

If the venue proposed is no longer available, then an alternative must be booked within this time and communicated to the Give it a Go Team by emailing giag@leeds.ac.uk. 


Please state in your application if you wish for us to set up and sell tickets for you, even if your event is free. 

You should check regularly to see how your session is selling. You can either email giag@leeds.ac.uk or the Student Activities reception (activities@leeds.ac.uk). 

If you do require tickets they will come off sale 30 minutes before your event is due to start. If you would like them to come off sale before then please ensure you let us know. 

We will create the tickets for your group's GIAG session. Do not submit a payment request form to the Student Activities Admin Team for your event, as it will result in duplication and can lead to confusion for attendees and if you have a specific number of places risks over subscription.

Risk Assessment

We require a risk assessment for every Give it a Go session. This must be sent in to giag@leeds.ac.uk before the application deadline. Failure to provide a comprehensive risk assessment could result in the cancellation of your session. 

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