5. Running your session

Preparing for your session

Once you have confirmation, you should start preparing for your session. You should advertise your session through social media and by other means such as flyers and posters.

You should take the time between confirmation and event to look at your itinerary and ensure that all committee members know their roles in the event to ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible.

On the day

On the morning of your event, or the afternoon of the day before if your event is in the morning or at the weekend, you should check at the Student Activities Reception to see how your event has sold.

Your tickets will come off sale 30 minutes before your event unless specified otherwise. You should collect a list of purchasers from the Student Activities Reception as close to your event as possible. You also need to make sure you have a  Give it a Go signup sheet. 

Please note the Student Activities Reception is open Monday - Friday 9:30am - 4:30pm. 

You should arrive at your venue at least 30 minutes before the advertised start time to ensure that you have everything prepared and you can access the venue as soon as possible.

You should start at the advertised start time and not before. If people turn up early, you are perfectly entitled to ask them to wait outside until you are ready – but please bear in mind at all times the impression that they will be making of you as a society.

As people come into your event, introduce yourselves and ask them to complete the official Give it a Go signup sheet. This must be completed by everyone that walks ‘through the door’. This includes the committee and other existing members.

Make sure that you do not overcrowd your event and stick to the sales limit specified at the time of application. Most of the negative feedback we receive is as a result of overcrowding leading to uncomfortable conditions or people not being able to hear what is going on.

You can, and should, turn people away if you are full. Invite them to a social or alternative event as a way of ensuring that you are not losing any potential members.

Once your session is finished, thank everyone for attending and ensure they have completed the signup sheet.

It is a good idea to run a social after your event and invite attendees. 

After your session

Please make sure that you leave the venue in the state that you found it in. Food and drink should not be consumed in University venues, and alcohol cannot be consumed in any Union venues, so please bear this is mind.

You should email your Give it a Go signup sheet with all compulsory fields completed to giag@leeds.ac.uk within 2 weeks of your session.

If you signup sheet is late or the required information is not given, you will not receive any funding. This is non-negotiable. Once your sheet is in, then you have successfully completed your Give it a Go! Full terms and conditions can be found here.

The Riley Awards

Every May during Celebrate Week, the final show of the week, the Riley Awards, recognises the best Give it a Go of the year with the (originally titled...) Give it a Go Award!

The award is given to sessions which are creative, well organised, highly attended and which lead to a significant rise in the number of members for that group.

Why not push yourselves and be recognised as putting on the best session of the year!?

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