3. Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Dates, times and venues
  1. Where a club or society holds a block booking for LUU, SPA or University facilities, requested dates, times and venues for GIAG sessions must fall in these booking slots unless the space is not suitable for the session proposed. This may be due to:
    - Space constraints, where attendance is predicted to be considerably larger than that for normal sessions.
    - The block booking on the requested date being cancelled due to a subsequent external booking.
  2. Priority for sessions in the first two weeks is given to groups which run trials or other assessment dependent membership.
  3. Groups using external venues must book these within 1 week of receiving confirmation of date and time. Where the venue is subsequently unavailable, an alternative must be booked and communicated to the Give it a Go team within this time. Failure to do so will result in the session being cancelled and the group will forfeit incentive funding.
  4. When possible, there is a maximum number of eight GIAG sessions per day. Sessions are allocated on a first come first served basis with the exception of point 1b.
  5. The GIAG team reserve the right to move sessions within reason and new dates may not always meet the first or second preferred dates.
  1. Paperwork
  1. All parts of the application form must be fully completed with confirmed details. Any incomplete applications will be rejected.
  2. All applications must be accompanied by a valid risk assessment. Where the session is covered by the generic society risk assessment then this must also be emailed to the Give it a Go team at giag@leeds.ac.uk.  Any applications missing a risk assessment will be rejected.
  3. In all circumstances, valid official Give it a Go signup sheets must be emailed to giag@leeds.ac.uk within 2 weeks (inclusive) of the date of the session. Where no signup sheet is received or where it is returned late the group will forfeit all incentive funding.
  4. The returned sheet must include all of the following fields for each attendee: (please see page 2)


- First Name & Surname

- Student ID number

- Whether they are a member of that group at the start of the session or not

Where any of these are missing, the Give it a Go team have the right to reject and reduce or decline incentive funding. This decision is to be made at the discretion of the Give it a Go team.

Whilst the following information is not compulsory it is highly recommended and is only used by the Give it a Go team to monitor participation & engagement. 

- International or Home Student

- Level of Study 

Individual information is not shared with any other LUU Departments or third parties, data is purely used for general data collection to say for example 'This year 50% of students who attended Give it a Go sessions were home students'. 

Please use the official Give it a Go signup sheet which is available to download from: https://classic.luu.org.uk/admin/clubsandsocieties/giag/


e. Where it is suspected that groups have purposely provided inaccurate information in order to fraudulently obtain incentive funding, they will be required to meet with the Student Activities Team for further investigation and possible disciplinary action.

3) Funding

  1. Funding is not available to any group that has been official for less than 12 months at time of their session.
  2. Up to £160 in incentive funding may be awarded no more than once per term, irrelevant of the number of sessions.
  3. To receive any funding, a signup sheet must be completed at the session by all attendees. The signup sheet must include all compulsory fields and be emailed to giag@leeds.ac.uk within 2 weeks of the session. Failure to do so will result in the loss of all funding. (Please see paperwork 2b.)
  4. Funding will be requested from the finance department at the end of the programme. The money cannot be requested or transferred before the session takes place.
  5. Incentive funding cannot be disputed without valid proof of submission.
  6. The allocation of funding is at the discretion of the Give it a Go team and is not disputable.

4) Changes and Cancellations

  1. Changes can only be made in exceptional circumstances and must be communicated to the Give it a Go team as soon as the group are made aware of them.

Failure to provide reasonable notice for the following changes will result in a loss of incentive funding:
- Date
- Time (start and finish)
- Venue
- Description
- Cost

  1. Groups must be aware that any changes made after the booklet has gone to print can only be rectified online and may have a detrimental effect on attendance and the reputation of the society.
  2. Cancellations should only be made in exceptional circumstances and where there is no alternative. This will result in a loss of incentive funding.
  3. Where cancellations are made without reasonable notice (48 hours or more), or where the group fail to attend the advertised session without good reason, then the group will be required to attend an Activities Exec meeting for disciplinary action.

Tickets and entry

  1. If you require the Give it a Go team to create tickets for you to sell online you must let us know in your application form.
  2. In order to meet health and safety regulations, a session limit must be specified at the time of application. Sessions cannot sell more than the specified sales limit.
  3. Sales should be checked regularly and priority should be given to those that have pre-booked tickets.

Additional Terms and Conditions for SPA Users

 SPA Bookings

  1. Your signed terms and conditions with SPA will also cover your GIAG session.
  2. Where requested bookings cannot be made, an alternative date, time or suitable venue will be given.
  3. SPA allows one GIAG booking per sports club per semester; up to 2 a year where free entry to non-edge members is allowed to all participants. SPA allows free entry to any GIAG session that is booked within the first 2 teaching weeks of each academic year.
  4. GIAG bookings shall not take priority over another Sports Club’s booking unless agreed between SPA, the relevant member of staff and the Give It A Go Team.
  5. When requested, and where possible, any GIAG booking falling outside of a club’s usual training slot is to be permitted by SPA and will not impact upon the group’s usual booking times, unless notified otherwise by SPA at the time of booking.
  6. No GIAG booking shall be made for any LUU club or society that does not have a regular booking with Sport and Physical Activity unless negotiated on an individual basis and approved via LUU as an official GIAG session.

SPA Cancellations

  1. Sports Clubs must advise SPA of any cancellations to any GIAG booking at least 48 hours in advance after speaking to the GIAG Team.
  2. If SPA cancels a GIAG booking due to weather or other uncontrollable circumstance, this must be corresponded to the Sports Club directly by 9:30am that same day and the GIAG Team in LUU Student Activities copied in to this correspondence.
  3. If a cancellation must be made for any other reason than stated above then this must be communicated direct with the Sports Club and the GIAG Team at least 2 weeks in advance of the booking. This excludes cancellations for variables that are beyond control, e.g. electricity failure, etc.
  4. SPA to provide an alternative venue, date or time for any cancelled session.
  5. Any group that does not turn up to a GIAG booking will receive a written warning direct from SPA as per the cancellation procedure stated in their terms and conditions.

SPA Charges

  1. A 100% cancellation charge will apply to any cancellation for a GIAG that is booked outside of the group’s usual training slot if at least 48hrs notice is not given.
  2. No charge for any SPA facility shall be made unless the club/society has a previous written warning direct from SPA.
  3. If the group has a warning against them and a charge for space applies this will be communicated direct with the club/society by SPA and the GIAG Team to be copied in to any correspondence.

9SPA Facility Use

  1. GIAG sessions are not to be bound by the ‘fully utilised’ clause in section 1 of the SPA main terms and conditions. However, if SPA or LUU believe that poor participation at the GIAG is due to negligence of the sport club/society then an investigation should be made by the relevant Development Coordinator. Charges may be applicable.
  2. If there are poor sign ups to the GIAG at 48hrs in advance then the committee should ensure that the slot is utilised as best as possible by the current members.
  3. All club committee members should be in attendance at an advertised GIAG session to manage people turning up to the GIAG without pre-booking.




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