Coaches and Instructors

Many groups have coaches or instructors to deliver their activity. This is really beneficial as it ensures a professional standard is achieved and can help to develop the group's potential.

If you intend on using a coach or instructor (paid or voluntary) then you must provide your Development Coordinator with their:
  • Personal Insurance that is specific to their activity type
  • A certified qualification in an appropriate field


  • A minimum of 2 references from credible sources
Whether your instructor is paid or voluntary it is advisable to talk to your Development Coordinator to ascertain whether Service Level Agreements* are necessary and as to what LUU Categorization your instructor falls into.
For further assistance or information on advertising, auditioning, pay and costs, further support and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) please contact your Development Coordinator.
*Service Level Agreement (SLA) could include details on pay and further coaching costs, notice periods, working hours or any variable issues you feel could become prevalent.
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