Food Hygiene

At any point your group wishes to provide food for a group activity, whether it's cooking on a weekend trip or baking for a cake sale, you must have a Food Hygiene qualification. The Union provide the opportunity to sit the Level 2 Catering Advanced AllSafe Food Hygiene qualification. Below is the process for the course.


For more information, please contact the Student Activities Admin Staff:


Pay for your course

The course costs £16.80. If you are on committee, the money can be taken from your groups account. If you are not on committee, you will need to provide us with committee authorisation before we will transfer the money out of your account and provide you the online login details to sit the course.
For those paying as individuals or as external candidates, you can pay your £18 at the Helpdesk, on the ground floor of the Union Building. Please keep hold of your receipt, as this needs to be shown to the Student Activities Admin Team to register you on to the course.


Food Hygiene Online Course

The course we offer is run as an e-module. Once registered with the Union you will be sent your login details to complete the training. It will take a few days to get your log in details so please give enough time before your event. Please ensure the information is correct, especially the spelling of your name, as there is an additional cost to pay for your certificate to be reprinted. You will read through information and complete short tasks before sitting an online exam answering 30 multi-choice questions. You require 20/30 to pass.
The test takes roughly 2 hours to complete, so please give yourself time to complete everything before your event
The Student Activities Office is open Monday-Friday, 9.30am-4.30pm for you to register for the course.


Providing you have passed, you will be notified when your certificate is available to collect from the Student Activities Office or notify us if you require it posted out. If you fail, you will be asked whether you wish to resit the paper. There will be a cost for this.

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