Social Guidelines

While you are attending the University of Leeds you are a representative of the institution. No matter where you are and what you are doing if there is a complaint about you or your club or society it will reflect badly on the University, LUU, your club or society and you. As an elected committee member you have a duty to ensure that all activities fall within the LUU Social Guidelines. Please bear this in mind particularly when you are out socially.

From time to time we receive complaints about individuals and groups; in order to show that LUU takes these complaints seriously we have a disciplinary process in place. Disciplinaries are carried out by your elected peers, the Activities Executive committee.
It is important to remember that any of the following constitute a club or society social:
  • Wearing any clothing that identifies you as having any connection to the University of Leeds, LUU, or any approved LUU club or society
  • Using your LUU accounts to fund the social
  • Advertising via University of Leeds or LUU
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