What is good advertising?

Good advertising makes you stand out from the crowd. If you aren’t remarkable these days you might as well be invisible. You are bombarded with adverts, commercials, leaflets, emails, news and other information every single day – how much of it do you remember? Think about driving down the road and seeing a purple cow among all of the black and white ones – you’d remember it because it is different.

Think of your favourite product / event / brand – why do you like it? How did you find out about it? Why do you keep going back to it? Have a think about the iPhone or another Apple product. Why do people who own an iPhone rave about it and tell other people about it? Try and think of how you can apply this logic to your club or society.

Thinking points

  • What makes you different, why should people join your society?
  • What do people get from being a member of your society (make sure that you tell people what the benefits are!)
  • What does being a member of your club or society mean?
  • Why would someone sign up again and again to be a member of your society?
  • Make your membership great by focusing on the things that you are really good and passionate about.
  • Have a clear long term purpose, ‘this year my society is going to have 100 members who love being part of something’ (this purpose could bring long term benefit by boosting your reputation) vs. ‘this year my society is going to have 3000 members because we need the money’ (this purpose has a danger of being short termist and not retaining members)
  • There are hundreds of clubs and societies in the Union – all of them vying for attention, how will yours stand out? The answer is not flyers, definitely not cake stalls and certainly not shouting at students with a megaphone!
  • Who are your members, and more importantly who AREN’T your members and how do you get them passionate about what you do? How do you find out who your potential members are?
  • Who is passionate about what you do? Get passionate people to pass on an ‘ideas virus’ by telling other people about what you do.
  • Think about who you are talking to and how you are talking to them – don’t try and talk to everyone (not everyone will be interested!)
  • Be personal – being a member of something feels personal to that person, make sure you remember that!
  • Advertising can be really cheap – think of Facebook, Twitter, flashmobs!
  • The days of relying on flyers are coming to an end – they offer very little when you are on a tight budget.

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