Membership Discounts

Membership fees bring money into your club or society. How much money could you make if you increased your membership by £1? Do you offer value for money in terms of the services you deliver to your membership? Remember the more money you make the more you can spend on your members.

Top Tips
Get a Freshers booklet made in the summer and if possible ask your Development Coordinator or department to send it out to new Freshers well before they arrive in Leeds and are distracted. Embed that connection between their studies and joining the society even before they get here can be the best way to attract new members and so raise funds through membership.
Match/session Fees. Do you charge session/match/contribution meeting fees? All clubs and societies needs to cover their overheads and this is a great way to do this.
  • Securing sponsorship
  • Events
  • Fundraising
  • Give It A Go
  • Resource sharing
  • Networking and making connections Club Alumni Fund
You could offer a discount during Freshers Week to entice people to sign up to your club.
During Semester 2 consider reducing your membership to recruit more members in the second half of the year. You need to ensure you are still generating an income for your group throughout the year to cover the costs of your activities.
During Freshers Fair take a laptop down for your table. Show prospective members just how easy it is to sign up and be part of your society.
Remember: Everyone must pay for membership if you wish to be part of your group and this includes committee positions. You can’t be on committee if you aren’t a fully paid member of your group
Book out a stall in the Union after Freshers Week, a few weeks into term and catch those people who may have missed out.
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