Posters & Screens

There are various channels for promotion around the Union and the University, many of them free. Even if you’re not a graphic designer or don’t have access to one, with all adverts – print or digital – it’s worth remembering that less is often more.



LUU provides two main notice boards that groups can use to display your posters; the main entranceway to the Union (on your left as you walk in) and in the corridor outside the Old Bar. It is not permitted for anyone to put posters up on walls anywhere else in the building - if posters are found on walls they will be removed.


Plasma Screens

You can easily advertise an event, GIAG session or your activity group in general on the plasma screens. These screens are found in the foyer, Terrace and the Old Bar.

Digital screen specifications: 

  • Width 1080 pixels by Height 1920 pixels

  • RGB Colour 8 bit

  • Jpeg, .PNG

  • Max files size:  8MB

Remember – these adverts are on a cycle with dozens of other similar adverts. Make sure yours is eye-catching and bold. As they only display for a few seconds at a time, keep any text brief and make it large enough to be read from a distance. If you ensure your design is tasteful, clear and on brand for your club or society, you’re more likely to get people noticing it and remembering it.

Please send your adverts to Student Activities . For specific occasions, we recommend sending them over 2 or 3 weeks in advance of the event.


The Portal

If you have a specific event you’d like to promote, one way is to get a short message on the Portal. This has to be kept brief and simple – just a line or two of text. The Portal is run by the University, so we don’t have final say of what goes on there, but if you think you have a good case send your content over to Anna Warren in Marketing (


ISS Screensavers

For £25+VAT per week, you can have a screensaver on the University computer clusters. These need to be for a specific cause, so you may have to justify your reason for using it. Find out more here.

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