Social Media


Social media is a great way of getting the word out about events, interacting with your society members and recruiting new people. It’s not a magic solution to all your promotion needs, but with a little time and effort can be very effective.



Having a Facebook page for your group is an obvious thing to do - it allows quick communication between members and adds to your online presence.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Remember to keep the details of your page up to date - for example, if your society meets every week at a certain place and time, make sure that information is on there and current. This will help new and prospective members.
  • Post information that’s interesting, relevant to your audience and fun. Photographs of your club or society in action will keep people coming back – sometimes, social media is just about being social.
  • Keep your name and cover image/logo consistent across all online and offline channels.
  • Make your ‘about’ section clear and concise, and provide a link through to your webpage.
  • Try to avoid creating events pages and other sub-pages , as it diverts people away from your main page and you’ll lose out on potential likes.

The Union’s official Facebook page has around 17,000 likes. For larger events, we can post appropriate news, images, videos and information for you on our wall.


Twitter is a great way of getting the word out beyond your current members. We recommend that you only have one Twitter account for your club or society. It may be tempting to set up different accounts for different people, but it will be much more effective if you limit it to one main account. You can have a number of people manage your account simultaneously.

Try to establish a tone of voice for your society, and tweet about things that are happening in real time. People are much more likely to be engaged and follow you if you’re showing them all the exciting things your society gets up to. For large public events, unique hashtags are a great way drum up interest, and also to monitor how effective your event promotion is.

The official Union feed has over 10,000 followers and can help you with your promotion. Tweet us @LeedsUniUnion and tell us what you’re up to – we’ll respond or retweet if approporiate. We try not to favour individual societies, and attempt to give out an equal amounts of retweets per society.


Other Social Media
Depending on what kind of club or society you’re running, it may be beneficial to consider setting up other social media accounts. For example, Youtube is perfect for showcasing videos of live performances, and Pintrest would be ideal for photography.

Alternatively, you can inform your Development Coordinator of any society or member  wins, success stories or achievements – we would be more than happy to hear about these and promote them through our official online communications. Remember to include full details, names, and any photos.

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