Student Media

The Union’s newspaper, radio station and television station are societies themselves, but as student media with large audiences, they are all great platforms for promotion.

Leeds Student Newspaper
Should you wish to place an advertisement in the Leeds Student newspaper, contact

Here’s a rough guide to what you can get:

Full page Colour: £200
W-265 x H-321mm

Half Page Colour: £100
W-265mm x H-156mm

Giant Quarter Colour: £75
W-150mm x H-185mm

Bottom Page Strip: £50
W-265mm x h-86.5mm

Eighth Page Strip: £25
W-132.5mm x H-86.5mm

If you would like to promote an event via radio, you are encouraged to contact the producers of LSR's leading shows The Beat and Breakfast via email: and

For more formal and larger campaigns or general society promotion, all LUU societies receive:

  • 50% off LSR's advertising rates (these rates are available from the station manager on
  • For £30 a society can have a 30 second recorded advert added to the LSR Shop Radio loop for 4 weeks.

If you’re putting on an event, it may be worth contacting LSTV to see if they would like to cover it. Find out more and contact them here.

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