Website Guide

Each group that is an official club or society within Leeds University Union has their own page on the Union website

This is a useful resource as the first point of contact for potential members. It's where you sell memberships, provide key information, run elections and more. Keeping your page updated is vital to getting new members and providing your existing members with the details and support they need.

Who can edit your page?

Your club President/Captain, Treasurer and Secretary have admin access to:
  • Edit the society webpage
  • See a list of members and email them
  • Sell products
  • Add events
Contact your Development Coordinator if you have any problems with admin access, or if other members of the committee require access, i.e. Web Secretary.

Managing your page

  1. In order to edit your page, you must be on your society / club page and logged in.
  2. Once you are on your page, you’ll see that on the right-hand side of the page under “Basket,” an “Admin” option should now be visible. If you click on the “Admin” option, then click on the ‘admin tools’. This will look something like this:


Your admin permissions won't appear unless you are on your groups page.


Edit Details

This is where you can edit the copy on your page, email address and external web address (if you have one). If you wish to change your groups logo/badge, contact the Student Activities Admin Team:



As a society / club, you can make use of the 'News' section of the website to announce any wins or events or write a blog post. To create a blog post simply click on the 'Add new article' tab and get writing.



Here you can add your events which will automatically display on your wepage and in the central Union 'What's On' calendar.

To add an event, simply click on events, ‘Add new event,’ and enter in all of the details. Don’t forget to tick the boxes for any category your event may fall under. Also important to note is that you can select the option that only ‘members’ can view this event. Do keep in mind that the event will only be visible if someone is signed in if you select this option.

  • Please use a full description of the event. Visitors who are reading the event may not have ever heard of your role or the type of event you are running. Use a clear and informative description, including contact details for more information.



If you have more than one type of membership, i.e. a one year membership and a three year membership, here is where you will see who of your members are in which group. Ask the Student Activities Admin Team to arrange this.


You can email individuals, groups or all members of your society through the website.

To send a message, click on the Message option, and click on “Send E-mail.”

To bring up your contact list, click on “To.” This will bring up a list of all of your members.

Once you have the list of ‘members’ up, you can either select one of the groupings at the top, or you can select individual people to e-mail. Then simply click on add recipients.

Aside from this, it works exactly like a regular e-mailing system, and all responses will be sent to the e-mail address you select, and all e-mails sent will display as coming from this chosen e-mail address.



Here is where you can see a list of all your members. A more accurate list of members can be found via Sales Report.


Here is where you will see who of your members are in which group, including anyone in any lists created from sign-ups. Ask the Student Activities Admin Team if you have any questions about these.

Sign Ups

While normally used for Events, this tool can also be used to create lists. This tool is a really useful if you want to run an event and just need a simple numbers list.



To set up a poll, enter your question in the ‘Text’ section. Select the dates that you’d like the poll to be open. Decide whether you want the poll to be visible or not to students outside your school. Select whether you want the content of the poll to be visible to members of the public. Finally, click submit.

Next, click on the ‘Add answer’ button on the bottom, which should now be visible, enter your first answer, select the colour you wish for the answer bar to appear as (percentage bar) by clicking on the numbers, and click save changes. Do this for each answer that you wish to include. Finally, click ‘Update.’ The poll should now appear on your society/club page.


Sales Report

Shows reports on sales of membership, any products, e.g trips or hoodies, you may be selling and customisations of these products. Customisations relates to the information you require from those making online payments. If it's for hoodies it might be size and colour, for trips it might be allergies. You can download this information into an Excel/PDF document.


This is simply another place for you to store documents. It may be a useful space to store handover documents, or any resources that you found particularly helpful in your role. You need to upload your groups signed Risk Assessment and Code of Good Practice documents which can be done via this section.

Additional features

The following features can't be set up directly through the Admin panel shown above, but are available to you all the same.


Online Payments

Email your online payment request to The admin team will put your payment online and email you confirmation once live. Please give 7 days notice for when the payment is to go live.

Society Elections

You can run elections online for your society, whether it is for an AGM, EGM or Club vote. Always ensure you inform your Development Coordinator of any votes, especially if they are for an AGM/EGM, relating to committee changes or constitutional updates.
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