At Leeds University Union, you are part of community that listens and acts together. Any student at Leeds can suggest an idea to help improve the world around them. 

1. Submit an idea: Suggest an idea for how to make the Union, University or city of Leeds better for students.
2. Your idea will be discussed at a Forum: Your idea will be put forward for discussion at one of three forums. These three separate forums (Better Union, Better University, or Better Leeds) are made up of both representatives (two members of the Exec plus other relevant reps) and a randomly selected student panel. The forums are open for all members of LUU to attend and occur regularly throughout the year to debate the ideas submitted
  • The Better Union Forum exists to make sure your union is working for you - to make sure you are getting the best services and support possible. The Activities Reps, Union Affairs Officer and Activities Officer attend this forum.
  • The Better University Forum exists to make sure you are getting the most from your degree. The Education Officer, Equality and Diversity Officer and the Course and School Reps attend this forum.
  • The Better Leeds Forum exists to make sure students are represented fairly in the community and to debate and act on key community issues. The Community Reps and Hall Reps attend this forum.
3. Your idea will be implemented: If your idea becomes Union policy at either a forum or referendum then your Exec will work hard to make your idea a reality!
4. Referendum: If your idea fails to get either a 75% pass/fail vote it will be submitted to a campus-wide referendum, at which every student is able to have a vote. Ideas that pass at referendum will become policy. 
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