What is BUCS?

British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) is the governing body for university sport in the United Kingdom. BUCS was formed in June 2008 following a merger of the British Universities Sports Association (BUSA) and University College Sport (UCS) organisations. BUCS is responsible for organising 50+ interuniversity sports within the UK and representative teams for the World University Championships and the World University Games.

BUCS is a membership organisation for 157 universities and colleges in the UK. It coordinates competitions and leagues for the 2.3 million students attending university. University sports clubs can affiliate to BUCS through their Athletic Union or students' union when no separate AU exists. BUCS has the biggest sporting programme in Europe.

The BUCS Championships takes place every year. In 12/13 it was split into two event “The Championships” and “Big BUCS Wednesday”


BUCS Admin

Rob Fairley - Sports Coordinator (BUCS)

Office: Student Activities, Level 1, Leeds University Union

Email: r.fairley@leeds.ac.uk

Phone: 0113 3801 233


The BUCS season

The format of your season depends on your sport but the majority will include a regular league season with weekly fixture on a Wednesday afternoon. Although it has yet to be determined, it looks like BUCS are going back to the system last used in 2009/10. Teams who play in Tier 1 (Northern Premier or Division 1) league season will run until October – Late January. (NB. in some sports this is changing so that the Knockouts are incorporated into the league season) The season will then go into the important Knock-out Stages in the attempt to Qualify for the BUCS Championships. The further you go in this the more points you get for the University in the overall BUCS University Table. (NB New formats are being tested so this is subject to change.)

Teams Playing in Tier 2 or below will play there season over a longer period of October – March and will play in the Conference Cup Competition.

Teams will be sent a fixture format at the start of the season that will show what dated they are scheduled to play.


Promotion and Relegation Playoffs

Even if you win a league, don’t presume straight away that you are promoted as you may have to play in a relegation play off against either one or two Universities. This may also be the case if you finish in the bottom 2 or 3.


Individual Championships

Some sports such as Swimming, Athletics and Rowing will have BUCS events at different stages of the year. These are to be entered through the Students Union and you must book a time/date via Eamonn Laird, for you to data entry this information. You must keep an eye on entry deadlines (more details later). No entries will be permitted after the given deadline. Do not leave it until the last minute as the Sports Coordinator (BUCS) may not be in.


Things to know for BUCS Fixtures

Fixtures are sent out on a weekly basis. The Initial list will be sent out on the Monday of the week before the fixture. At this stage home teams will have venues and times. Away teams will have venues and times by the Thursday before your next fixture. You can still book transport before this as we will know the opposition from the original fixture list.

After these have been sent you are responsible for checking, confirming and circulating this information to your team mates and making sure that everybody knows the relevant details, meet time, departure etc.

Do check the BUCS website regularly to roughly plan ahead but don’t take what is on there as given as things can, and will change.


Kick Off Times

With the exception of Tennis, Golf and Cricket, no fixtures can start any earlier than 1pm unless agreed by the opposition. On occasion you may be asked to start earlier than 1pm. If it is possible please try to accommodate as we may need to start games earlier as well.



To avoid problems, book early with Student Activities Admin Team by filling out Transport Request Form. These can be requested from Student Activities via email activities@leeds.ac.uk

Book when your fixtures are sent out on the Monday. Even if you don’t have a venue and time yet, we’ll know the opposition. We can put in the venue and time later. Base your times roughly on a 2pm start.

If you are driving a hire vehicle all drivers must be registered with us for insurance purposes; to do this we need a copy of your paper and plastic licenses. If you are driving you own vehicle for club purposes you will need to register additional paperwork with Student Activities.

DON’T leave until the last minute as you may not get transport!!!


Have a copy of the Rules and Regulations

BUCS General Regulations and Team Specific Regulations can be found on the BUCS Website and will be emailed to you to print off.

These are important and can be referred to in disputes. If there are any disputes, whatever is in the rules and regulations goes.


Matchday Requirements

Make sure you or a team member are contactable on match days in case of any issues or emergencies. If you have any issues/queries on a match day, call Rob 0113 3801 233. One common issue is that of lateness due to traffic problems. If you are travelling away and are running late, let us know so we can inform the opposition. Failure to do so can result in a forfeit so it is very important to do so.

When playing at home make sure officials know the correct location e.g. Weetwood or North Pavilion. Don’t presume they will know. This has been an issue in the past. If the referee goes to the wrong venue and we have not given him the correct details then it is our responsibility and can result in a walkover being given against us.

Your Pitch/Halls booking for fixtures will be allocated by Rob Fairley and the SPA Staff. You do not need to book space. If you need any changes to given allocations contact Rob Fairley and we can see if changes can be made.

Please ensure each team captain calls in their result in to Rob Fairley at the earliest opportunity. It can have affect league placing with BUCS and your result may not go into Leeds Student.

We do not want to have to chase teams up for scores as it is a waste of time and resources so please urge them to do it ASAP as it only takes 30 seconds of their time.


Playing Under Protest and Appeals

Always make sure you print and take a playing under protest form with you to games just in case. You can find these forms to print on the BUCS website. Common issues that would require this are the playing surface/facility, neutrality and qualifications of supplied officials and eligibility of opposition.

If you ask a team or are asked by a team to sign a playing under protest form it must be signed. However, it must be done before the fixture starts for it to be valid.

Any appeals must be submitted before 12pm the following working day of a fixture. The opposition then have the opportunity to respond. Only appeal if you feel the regulation that has been contravened had a direct influence on the result. All Appeals are dealt with by the Sports Coordinator (BUCS) Rob Fairley.



The Students' Union does not hold any responsibility for providing officials. Officials for Football, Rugby Union and Rugby League are provided by their Governing Bodies (RFL, RFU, FA). You are required to liaise with officials no later than Friday before.

See what weeks your players have deadlines and exams so we can try and move those fixtures if possible. On the flipside your players will then know that they will have a fixture around that time so they must plan there revision, work load around it. Remember, you know your assignment deadlines at the start of the year.

As an institution we must endeavour to fulfil every fixture, weather permitting of course.


Make Sure all Players are Eligible

Fielding players that are not eligible to play for the University is unacceptable and can receive major reprimanding from BUCS. The Eligibility rules are made clear in the BUCS General Rules and Regulation (REG 7). Please make sure you read all of this section. Alumni are NOT eligible to play in BUCS Fixtures.


Match Teas

Student Activities has no responsibility for Match Teas. If you play at Weetwood/North Pavilion contact Gawaine Hogg.


Check the BUCS website

Do check the BUCS website regularly www.bucs.org.uk for rules, regulations, forms, news and calendar events. You can use the website to look at your team’s fixtures also and therefore roughly plan ahead for transport bookings but fixture dates, venues and KO times can, and will change so check the website regularly or check with Rob Fairley if you're unsure about any fixture details.


BUCS Essentials Newsletter

This is a weekly Newsletter that contains important info relating to your club. It features details such as affiliation information, competition entry deadlines, trial dates and later in the season, Knockout/Play-Off information.

I will only send this out to clubs that have information featured so please do not ignore it!


Fixtures Live

Fixtures Live is used by BUCS for all its Fixtures/Competitions administration.

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