Wednesday Afternoon Letter Request

Please read fully the ‘Code of Good Practice on Attendance for Students on Taught Programmes’ to ensure you qualify for a Wednesday Afternoon Letter and absence from University commitments.
If you are missing more than one lecture/lab session, you will be required to request individual letters to notify each tutor/module leader.
The letter is only valid on the date you have requested it and can't be used multiple times. You will have to request a new letter if you require another absence, even if it is the same module you are missing.
To request a Wednesday Afternoon Letter, please fill in all boxes in this form. If there are sections missing we won't be able to process the application.
We require at least two working days to produce a letter for you. Ensure you allow plenty of time to apply for your letter and submit it to your tutor.



Your Details

Your Email Address:


Information required for the letter

Time of University session (i.e. 14.00pm-15.00pm):


I can confirm the information I have submitted is correct and I have read the University's Code of Good Practice on Attendance for Students on Taught Programmes. I am eligible to make the request for a Wednesday Afternoon Letter and subsequent absence from my University commitments on the date specified.



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