Booking Transport

The Union has agreements with three self drive hire companies and one driven hire company, that allow students as young as 18 years old to hire cars, as well as receiving discounted prices. You aren’t obliged to utilise these agreements, but there are many benefits to your group, as we also handle payment processes, as well as transport arrangements. 




How to book transport

To book transport you need to complete LUU Transport Booking Form. This itemises what transport you require so we can make the necessary arrangements and also begin the financial processes. The form needs to be completed fully, one vehicle per form, so we can itemise this on your group’s account.


You need to ensure that when you book the transport there are sufficient funds in your groups account to cover the complete cost of your hire. This can be split over accounts, including your grant account, providing it meets the criteria for which you can spend the funds on.


Each booking is issued a ‘T’ reference code, which is itemised on your group’s account where the funds are transferred into a temporary holding account until the transport is used and the invoice received. This allows you to continue using your account as normal, reducing the risk of your account becoming overdrawn once the invoice is received.


Funds are reimbursed in full when an invoice is received and paid or if the transport should be cancelled.


We ask that all transport booking requests are submitted a minimum of three weeks in advance of your trip- the earlier the better. The hire companies we utilise hire to all of West Yorkshire, so we don’t know availability until we enquire, so the more notice you provide us with, the more likely it is we will be able to honour your booking.


Please be advised that we might not be able to book the transport you require, so we will assist with looking at other options, i.e. different sized vehicle, but you might have to consider and arrange alternative transportation if we are unable to meet your request.


Certain sections of the form won’t be relevant to your group or booking, but to explain them further:


·   Moving for teas: This is for Sports groups who hire a driven vehicle and have refreshments at a different location to their fixture. We ask for the address to inform the coach company.

·   Willing to share transport: For some groups they will share transport for Wednesday BUCS fixtures or for a weekend hire. Those wishing to share we ask them to highlight this on the Transport Booking Form and we can look at options to save funds and share resources

·   Additional Information: This is a section for additional information relating to your hire. This could be a delivery address for your vehicle to be taken to if you hire from Enterprise or a secondary location for pick up


The Transport booking form for booking self-drive vehicles can be found here:

The Transport booking form for booking driven coaches can be found here:


Once your transport is booked, providing there aren’t any problems, you will receive an email confirming your vehicle hire details, including hire company, dates/times and vehicle(s), so please read this information carefully and if there are any problems, please notify the Student Activities Team as soon as possible. For driven vehicles you will receive your driver’s name and number the day before your hire.


Please refrain from contacting the hire companies directly as you will just be sent straight back to the Union to arrange the booking. We can check availability for you and make arrangements for the booking and finances.



Terms and Conditions

You must have sufficient funds in your groups account to cover the cost of the complete hire. The form must also be authorised by the President, Secretary or Treasurer of your group, in line with the requirements for Cash Office signatories, as funds will be leaving your groups account.


The top three committee members can nominate another committee member to book transport, i.e Transport Secretary or Team Captain, by notifying the Student Activities Team.


All hires must be for official Clubs and Societies usage as the Union’s insurance does not cover personal hires.




Planning is crucial so research your journey and where possible print off a map of your trip; don’t rely just on a sat nav or your mobile phone, as you might not have signal. Factor in the length of time you will be travelling, considering traffic, comfort breaks and loading/unloading; it is important to do this before you book so the correct information is submitted to the hire company.


Think about your members comfort, have you considered additional boot space for personal items or requested a coach with a toilet onboard for long journeys? There are lots of options available to your group.



Amending hire

If you wish to amend your transport hire, whether this is extending or reducing the length of your hire, or changing a vehicle size, please notify the Student Activities Team. If you want to hire additional vehicles you will need to complete another Transport Booking form. Please be advised that extension of hires or additional vehicles may not be possible; it will be dependent on availability from the hire company.



Cancelling transport

Should you wish cancel your transport, please let the Student Activities Team know as soon as possible. Certain hire companies have a cancellation fee if vehicles are cancelled at short notice. We recommend where possible to provide at least 48 hours should you wish to cancel transport. Cancellation fees vary from hire companies, but it is usually the full hire of your vehicle, so it is crucial to notify us as soon as possible.




Funds will be transferred from your groups account into a holding account before your transport is used. This allows your group to use your account without the worry of going overdrawn. Once the invoice comes in, usually 2 weeks after your hire, the funds will be credited to your account and then officially leave to pay the invoice.


Should transport be cancelled the funds will be refunded in full.




Check the weather forecast before you depart. Have you brought suitable equipment or notified your members? The weather can impact your hire and may result in you changing locations, times or cancelling, so keep up to date with the weather.


For BUCS fixtures the Sports Coordinator (BUCS) will update you if any fixtures are cancelled due to weather, or other variables, so ensure you have notified the Student Activities Admin Team if a vehicle needs cancelled.



Additional Paperwork

Please ensure you have completed a Risk Assessment for your activity and submitted this to your Development Coordinator, as well as a Trip Safety Form found here. We request the information of those attending the trip, where you’re heading, a brief itinerary and which committee members will be our point of contact for the trip.


This should be done three weeks before you go and any updated information submitted no later than the day before you depart.



How to get a quote

Should you wish to obtain a quote for your vehicle hire, either complete a Transport Booking Form and clearly state a quote is required or email the following information to


·   Group Name

·   Dates/Time of hire

·   Vehicle(s)

·   Destination (if require a driven vehicle)


It is useful to organise your finances, so getting a quote for your will help with budgeting. Additional costs might be incurred, including fuel costs for hire vehicles or driver costs due to length of day, so consider different variables.


If you need assistance, speak to the Student Activities Team.



Useful Information

Please be advised that for self-drive vehicle hires you are liable for any penalties incurred during the hire period, including but not limited to Bus Lane, Parking or Speeding Fines, as well as other costs such as Congestion or Toll charges.


Research your journey and consider, where possible, either avoiding these additional costs or researching payment options.


Factor in what you are transporting. Is your vehicle over weight? Make sure you don’t pack too much into your vehicle. There are Public Weighbridges in the UK; Kirkstall Road is the closest one. More information can be found here: If you have concerns, ask the hire company the limit of your vehicle.


More information can be found here on terminology: and weight limits here:



External Companies

You aren’t beholden to use the hire companies that LUU have contracts with, but if you wish to use external companies you will have to hire on their insurance (the Union’s can’t be utilised) and have to coordinate the booking and finances for this hire.

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