Where can I get the transport and driving forms?

All forms are available from outside the Student Activities Reception, via email request (activities@leeds.ac.uk) or online (classic.luu.org.uk/admin/clubsandsocieties/resources/).


What do I need to register as a driver?

You need to complete an Authorised Drivers Form and bring to the Student Activities Reception along with your plastic drivers licence and DVLA code. If you have a foreign drivers licence, please bring in all the relevant documentation you have.


Can I drive with points on my licence?

Ideally we would prefer a clean licence but you can have 3 points on your licence to drive hire vehicles on the Union’s insurance (depending on the penalty). If you have more than 3 points, we will send a copy of your licence to our insurers and ask for confirmation as to whether you are allowed to drive for your group on the Union’s insurance.


How early should I book transport?

We ask that you hand in your transport booking form(s) at least 3 weeks in advance of your trip so we can try to guarantee you the mode of transport you require. Bear in mind that the hire companies we use also cater for the local area, so it is best to get your bookings in early to ensure you can get the vehicle you require.


Can we book automatic cars?

Yes. Enterprise has a selection of automatic and manual 5 seat cars, both hatchback and limited estate cars.


What do I need to take to the hire company?

For Salford and Leeds Commercial bookings you will need to collect a photocopy of your transport booking, signed by a staff member, which is available from the Student Activities and hand this in to the hire company. You should also take your plastic driver’s licence and MiDAS certificate, where applicable, when collecting vehicles.


Can we change the pick-up and drop off point of our coach, or does it have to be Parkinson Steps?

As long as you notify us in advance, we will be able to make arrangements for your group to be picked up from a different location, providing there is enough space for a coach to travel and stop there. Company Coaches can suggest suitable pick-up and drop-off locations in Leeds and at your destination if you are unfamiliar with the area.


Do all hire companies deliver vehicles?

No. Only Enterprise offer the service of delivering vehicles and they have cars, MPVs and vans available for hire. If you have hired a car, MPV, minibus or van from Salford Van Hire or Leeds Commercial, you will need to travel to the hire company to collect the vehicles.


How do I cancel transport?


Either come to the Student Activities Reception or call/email the Student Activities Admin Team (if it is a last minute cancellation it is best to call). You may incur a cancellation fee if you cancel the vehicle with less than 48 hours notice of the star of your hire.


Can I take the MiDAS test?

If you are eligible to take the test, you can contact the Student Activities Admin Team (activities@leeds.ac.uk) to book a place on the next available test. Please check the criteria carefully, to ensure that you can take the test:


  • MPV: 18 years of age or over, held you UK Drivers Licence for a minimum of 1 year
  • Minibus: 21 years of age or over, held your UK Drivers Licence for a minimum of 3 years


Why do I need to take a MiDAS test?

Under LUU’s vehicle insurance, all students and staff members are required to take an additional test to drive large vehicles carrying multiple passengers (larger than a 5 Seat Car).


Can I hire a vehicle for personal use?

No. Due to the nature of the Union’s insurance, vehicle can only be hired for clubs and societies use in the voluntary sector.


What if I don’t know departure or fixture times for driven vehicles?

Your Development Coordinator may be able to advise you on fixture times to enable you to estimate coach pick up and drop off times. These can be altered closer to the hire date. It is easier to book a coach and amend the times, than it is booking a coach the day before it is required, as the company need to ensure a vehicle is available and source a driver.


Can I drink alcohol on any of the vehicles?

No. You are not allowed to drink alcohol on any of the vehicles hired out- both driven coaches and self drive vehicles, as it is against the law.


Can I get paid for driving a minibus?

No. Due to the MiDAS certification, Section 19 permit and the Union’s driving insurance, all drivers must be voluntary and unpaid, although fuel costs can be reclaimed through the club (this must be authorised by the committee- President, Secretary or Treasurer).


What do I do if I break down?

Contact the breakdown company and inform the hire company and they will arrange for roadside assistance to meet you.


What do I do if I have an accident?

Contact the breakdown company, hire company and Student Activities. If it is outside of office hours contact University Security.


I need transport tomorrow; can I still book a vehicle?

We will try to assist you in the booking of transport at short notice, but bear in mind we may not be able to arrange the mode of transport you require. This may result in your group paying more or having to find alternative transport.

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