Motor Insurance and Incidents

Motor Insurance

We are fortunate that the Union has its own Motor insurance which allows students as young as 18 years old to hire 5 Seat Cars and Vans, and by sitting an additional test be able to drive MPVs and Minibuses (providing eligibility criteria is met).




The Union cover the cost of the motor insurance but the damage excess for all vehicle hires is £1000, which is a cost that must be covered by your group. We can only insure vehicles hired through the Union for the hire companies we have contracts with that are for registered LUU group trips. We are unable to insure personal hires.




Ensure the vehicle is always secure during the hire, keeping it locked at all times. Do not leave items in the vehicle on show. You will only be given one set of keys for the vehicle, so keep them secure and if driving is shared, ensure you know who is responsible for them at each time.




Each hire company has their own breakdown cover and the details can be found on the hire agreement. Listed below are the companies and relevant numbers.


  • Leeds Commercial: 0345 8450525
  • Salford Van Hire: Office Hours 0113 244 1531 + Outside of Office Hours 0161 835 1373
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car: 0800 316 0977


Should you breakdown or a warning light comes on, please contact the relevant breakdown recovery and notify the hire company and LUU. In the event of a tyre replacement, please contact the recovery team to make these arrangements for you. Do not try and change the tyre yourself.


Majority of hire companies offer a tow back to Leeds and Enterprise, depending on availability and location, can tow you to another branch for a replacement vehicle. Your options will be clearly outlined by the hire company and breakdown service.


If you should break down whilst travelling, where possible, pull off/to the side of the road and if safe to do so evacuate passengers on to the verge. Hazard lights should be applied and the breakdown and hire company notified. Should your vehicle block a road or cause a hazard, notify the Police to help with the situation and safely move your vehicle. Where possible utilise the orange phone boxes on motorways (where available) as they can provide your exact location of your breakdown and are useful when mobile signal is a problem.




Should there be damage to the vehicle on hire, it is your responsibility to notify the hire company and Union, especially if a third party is involved, so we can follow up with the insurers.


For any incidents where there has been a collision with a third party vehicle, do not admit liability for the incident. Ensure you gain the following information form the third party driver:


  • Name of Driver
  • Date/Time of Incident
  • Location of Incident
  • Insurance Provider + Policy Number (third party)
  • Contact Details (email/phone)
  • Number and Names of passengers on board (on board both vehicles)
  • Make, Model, Registration (both vehicle)
  • Damage (description + photos- both vehicles)


If there are any witnesses to the damage, make sure you get their names and contact details. This includes passengers on board both vehicles. The Zurich Accident Claim form must be completed for any damage, however minor, even if a claim isn’t going to be made. The information must be logged and submitted to the insurers, especially in the event the third party wish to make a claim.


You can provide them with the Union’s details:


  • Insurers: Zurich
  • Policy Number: XAO-272046-1563
  • Company: Leeds University Union
  • Contact: Student Activities 0113 380 1413 /


We will notify the insurers and follow up with the Third Party driver.


Should you make contact with an inanimate object (i.e. wall, bin, etc), check to see if there is any damage and if it belongs to anyone- they should be notified.


You are reminded it is illegal to fail to stop at the scene of an accident. Where required the Police should be notified, especially if it affects the flow of traffic and especially if there are injuries, first aid should be sought.


If the Police are present, take their name and officer number.


As long as it is safe to do so, place your hazards on, evacuate the vehicle and assess passengers for injuries. Should anyone be injured, medical attention must be sought.


If the vehicle is still drivable, you can continue your journey, if you feel comfortable/happy to continue driving. In the event the vehicle is no longer drivable, the breakdown/recovery team will update you on your options (tow back to Leeds or replacement vehicle- the latter is dependent on vehicle and staff availability).

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