Registering Drivers and Vehicles

For those wishing to drive for Leeds University Union, they must register their driving licence with the Student Activities Office to be covered under the Union’s Motor Insurance for one academic year.



Registering as a driver

To register as a driver an Authorised Drivers Form must be completed and signed. Along with the form we also need to see your plastic drivers licence.  We must see the original licence (we don’t accept photocopies) and we will take a copy of the signed form and licence for the insurers. This information is saved in a secure, password protected spreadsheet and folder.


Since the DVLA no longer issues a paper counterpart licence, you need to obtain a DVLA code to share your licence details with the Union. This allows us to view what vehicles you are qualified to drive and if you have any points on your licence.


You need to follow this link and type in your Driving Licence Number, National Insurance Number and Postcode (the postcode that features on your licence):


On the website you will be able to view your driving licence information and on the right, go to ‘Share your licence information’ and click on ‘Create code’. You will then receive a code that is case sensitive, that is valid for 21 days. This code can only be used once, so please don’t try it to see if it works, or you will have to go through the process again, and you are limited to 15 in one year.


For those with a pre-1998 paper licence or have an International Drivers Licence, you just need to submit this along with your Authorised Drivers form. No code is required.


With regard to International Drivers licences, if your licence is issued from an EU country you can drive in the UK for as long as your licence is valid. For Non-EU drivers licences, you can only drive in the UK for 12 months, so please inform us of know when you first moved to the UK for studying and this will dictate how long you can drive for the Union.


Ensure you have read the Authorised Drivers Form carefully, so you are aware of your responsibilities as a driver for LUU.


If you agree to be contacted by the Union for other driving opportunities, you will receive email updates from Clubs and Societies requiring drivers. Your details won’t be given out directly to them and if you are available you can speak to them directly, as instructions will feature in the email.



Ideally we would want all drivers to have a clean licence, but you are allowed up to 3 points on your licence dependent on the penalty. Any more than this will result in us having to inform the insurers to check if we can approve and insure this driver.


During the hire of a vehicle you liable for any fines or points received, including but not limited to, speeding, parking and bus lane, as well as Congestion and Toll Charges. Cost for these penalties varies depending on location, and speed awareness options aren’t always available.


If you are sharing the driving on trips, keep a record of when you are driving, so if fines/points are issued, they can be attributed to the correct driver. For speeding fines, once the driver is identified they will be notified to come collect the necessary paperwork and it is their responsibility to follow up directly with the Police.


For parking and bus lane fines, payment will be arranged through LUU and paid from your group’s account and it is the decision of the group if these charges will be passed to the driver.


Please be advised that some hire companies also have an admin charge on top of the fine, which you may need to cover (between £18-£25 depending on the company).



Lost Licence

If at any point your lose your drivers licence you need to apply for a new one. It costs £20 to replace and can take up to two weeks to arrive. Once you have received your new licence ensure you take this to the Union to update our records:



Motor Insurance

The Union’s Motor Insurance certificate is found on page 49. All those registered with Leeds University Union can drive vehicles hired through the Student Activities Office, for official LUU only. We don’t allow personal hires.


Driving can be shared by all those registered with the Union, with the only restrictions being for MPVs and Minibuses, where MiDAS qualifications are required to enable sharing.


The excess on vehicle damage on LUU hires is £1000. Please be advised that you may be liable for contributing to this cost, if damage was caused due to poor/reckless driving.




It is your responsibility to notify us of any changes to your drivers licence (i.e. points, convictions, etc), driving entitlements, medical updates that affect driving or contact details (i.e. email, phone, address).


You need to ensure that the vehicle hired is brought back with a full tank of fuel, unless otherwise stated by the hire company, so check if it is petrol or diesel, to avoid any unnecessary vehicle repairs.


When driving, you need to ensure you do not drive for longer than 2 hours without having at least a 15 minute break and drive no longer than 10 hours in a day. Avoid driving late at night/early hours, where possible, and do not drink the night before driving as this increases your chances of being over the drink drive limit or tired.


As a driver for LUU there are certain requirements you must fulfil to ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers on board your vehicle, whether in a hire or personal vehicle. You have a responsibility to yourself, passengers and other road users. Ensure all passengers are wearing their seat belt and remain in their seats for the entire journey.


It is important that you are prepared physically and mentally before setting off on a journey. If you feel tired, stressed, ill or distracted we advise you not to drive. Ensure you have plenty of rest before a journey and if you feel unwell notify the committee. With each vehicle you should aim to have two registered drivers so the driving can be shared, especially on long journeys.


Do not use a mobile phone whilst driving. Switch off your phone or ask another passenger to deal with any calls if they are urgent. Avoid drinking and eating whilst driving and smoking is prohibited in any hire vehicle.


Familiarise yourself with the vehicle, adjusting your seat and mirrors, and identify the required controls. The hire company will do a walk around of the vehicle with you, check the lights and brakes, as well as informing you of what fuel the vehicle uses.




Where possible, when in larger vehicles, have a number of committee members or other drivers to act as a banks man when reversing. All MPVs, minibuses and vans come with a hi-vis jacket and which most of these vehicles there isn’t always a rear view mirror, so ask a person to help with manoeuvring will limit damage and incidents.


Remember to adapt your driving in different weather conditions. Know where your windscreen wipers, heaters and fog light button is, to avoid any issues whilst driving.




Registering a Vehicle

If someone is driving their own vehicle for Club and Society activities and carrying members of the group, we ask that they register their vehicle with the Union.



Corporate Manslaughter

The reason why we ask drivers register their vehicle with the Union is due to the Corporate Manslaughter Law in place. The Union is liable for any injury or death caused in a vehicle driven by official LUU groups and we need to ensure that all vehicles our members travel in are roadworthy, drivers registered and that members are safe at all times.


For hired vehicles, the hire company takes on this responsibility and we can access this information upon request.



Registering a vehicle

When registering your vehicle we first ask you to register as a driver to be placed on our Authorised Drivers list. We ask all drivers registering their own vehicles to become Authorised Drivers, so in the event their vehicle is out of action (broken down/damaged/unavailable) they have agreed to our insurance terms and conditions and can drive a hire vehicle through the Union.


Once the paperwork is completed as an Authorised Driver, we require a Private Vehicle Use form completed and the following documents submitted to the Student Activities Office:


  • Plastic Drivers Licence
  • Motor Insurance Documents
  • MOT expiry date
  • Tax expiry date


As DVLA no longer issue Tax Discs, you can check your status online via this link, and send confirmation of both your MOT and Tax, as they list the current status and expiry date of these documents. We must see a copy of your Motor Insurance Certificate, clearly displaying the start and finish dates, along with provider and policy number.


We take a copy of this form and document. This information is saved in a secure, password protected spreadsheet and folder. Should you documents expire, you will need to ensure you submit updated copies to the Union. 




Unless the driver has placed additional drivers onto their own personal insurance, only they are the only person that can drive their vehicle. The Union’s Motor Insurance does not cover personal vehicles, so factor this in when planning trips and long journeys.

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