Transport Information

Trip Safety Form


When you use transport to go out on an official Club trip, whether hired through the Union, personal vehicles or public transport, we need your group to complete a Trip Safety Form. This should ideally be done 3 weeks before your trip to make your Development Coordinator aware of your activity. It can be updated closer to the time as we appreciate members may drop out and others decide to come on the trip last minute if places are available.




The purpose of the form is to notify LUU of your planned trip, informing us of the location, who is our point of contact, how you’re travelling there and who is going on the trip. By having the names and student numbers of those attending, should there be an emergency, the University will be able to assist in notifying next of kin and provide any support required. If you have any non-students attend a student number isn’t required and for those who attend other institutions, just note which college/university they are registered with.


Along with your Trip Safety Form, you need to ensure that your Risk Assessment is up to date for your group’s activity.



Wednesday BUCS

The only exceptions to a Trip Safety Sheet are those that go out on Wednesday fixtures, as we already have the names of those on teams, when and where they are heading to. If you fixture falls outside of the normal Wednesday afternoon fixtures, we would expect a Trip Safety Form completed and submitted to your Development Coordinator and the Student Activities Admin Team.

All prices that feature in the Transport Booklet are estimates. If you require a quote, we can get an exact price for your transport hire, just email Student Activities Admin ( with your trip details; vehicle, dates, destination, etc.
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