For all trips, whether it's a museum visit, a sports match or weekend trip away, you must supply the activities department ( with all the names and student numbers (where applicable) of all those going on the trip.

Regardless of whether you have hired vehicles through the Union, have sought transport externally or you're driving your own cars, you must notify the activities department of your trip and your participants, to ensure we know where you are heading to and that you have a suitable Risk Assessment in place.
The Trip Information Form should be submitted 3 weeks before your trip. You have the opportunity to send an updated copy of the form closer to your trip, as there will probably be changes.
Trips Abroad
If you're planning an official group trip abroad you will have to factor the planning and paperwork that needs to be completed and meet certain requirements if you wish to use your group bank account and publicise it.
These include:
  • Passport (photocopy of each student on the trip)
  • Personal Insurance for each individual (relevant to activity)
  • EHIC (if a European Trip)
  • Next of Kin contact details (for each student)
  • Contact for the trip (name and number of a representative responsible for the care of those on the trip)
  • Risk Assessment (suitable and specific to the activities undertaken)
You will need to book an appointment with a senior member in the activities department to discuss any trips abroad. This must be a minimum of 8 weeks before your trip.
Consider researching your trip before the meeting and checking out the Lonely Planet and Foreign Office websites:
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