Health & Safety

Leeds University Union is committed to the health and safety of staff, members and volunteers. Please see the Health and Safety guidance ( societies) for more information. 


Volunteers are covered by Leeds University Union’s public liability insurance, which covers any awards of damages given because of damage to a person or property caused by an individual doing anything anyone does officially as Leeds University Union.

Risk Assessments

What is a Risk Assessment?

This is a document which helps you clearly identify the hazards involved with your group and what you will do to reduce the risk of these happening.


Hazards: This is the potential of a substance, activity or process to cause harm.
Risk: This is the likelihood of the substance, activity or process to cause harm.

When to do a Risk Assessment

Standard Risk Assessments

Standard risk assessments cover regular activities of a group. Standard risk assessments should be updated and revised annually at the point of committee handover. You should not undertake any activities with your group until this document and process has been completed and your Development Coordinator is happy for you to proceed.

Specific Events/Activities Risk Assessment

If your group choose to do a one-off event or activity which is not covered by your standard risk assessment, you should complete a separate specific risk assessment.

If you don’t complete a risk assessment for your event or follow your standard risk assessment you are exposing you and your members to serious dangers and consequences, which could result in criminal prosecution.

What do I use a Risk Assessment for?

·         Identifying the hazards and risks involved in your group’s activity and taking action to reduce them.

·         Educating your members (old and new) about these hazards and most importantly informing them how to reduce the risk of them happening. Make the document available to your members to read at any time to help guide them in carrying out the group’s activity.

·         Providing documented proof that you as the responsible individual have considered the hazards and risks of your group’s activity on your members and others and have put in place the measures needed to be taken to reduce these risks.

·         Remember! Socials and trips held by groups must also be risk assessed - you have a responsibility for your members’ safety at these events too!

What kinds of risk are there?

There will always be risks involved with whatever you do, even if this is just watching a film in one of the Union’s meeting rooms. Things like fire, slips, trips and falls, manual lifting, poor lighting, damage to property and loud noise should all be considered. Here is a brief list of possible risks; not all will be applicable to your activity and there may be risks not stated here:


·         Registered Drivers

o    Paper and plastic licence

·         Registered Vehicles

o    Paper and plastic licence

o    MOT, insurance, tax disc

·         MiDAS Qualified

·         Driver

o    Regular stops

o    Multiple drivers

o    No drinking

o    Distraction

·         Passenger Behaviour

o    No drinking

o    Seat belts on

·         Injury/illness (travel sick, trapped fingers, falling out of vehicle)

·         Public Transport

o    Planning (timetable)

o    Stewards

·         Accident/Breakdown

o    Emergency procedure

o    First Aid

·         Driving conditions



·         Food Poisoning

·         Members with disabilities

·         Members behaviour

o    Crowd Control

·         Stewards: 2 sober committee members (ratio?)

·         Slips/Trips/Falls

·         In jury: incident/accident

o    Cuts/bruises

o    First aid/Emergency procedure

o    Contact + reporting

·         Emergency situation

·         Spiked Drink

·         Intoxication: Binge Drinking/alcohol poisoning

·         Personal safety

·         Vomiting

·         Venues visiting

·         Traffic

·         Dehydration

·         Hypothermia


Where can I get help completing the Risk Assessment?

·         Ask your Development Coordinator to guide you when completing the assessment. But make sure you give yourself ample time before your event to complete the risk assessment, weeks not days!

·         Many groups who have a National Governing Body (NGB) can access risk assessment templates specific to their activity from their NGB’s website and resources.



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