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Have Your Say #LeedsVotes

Votes at 16 - I’m saying “Yes!”

We need to challenge the idea that young people wouldn’t vote. They would if politics spoke to them:

Current politics doesn’t address the concerns of young people. Yet, how is it supposed to if those young people don’t have any influence over which political party is in Government?

In the Scottish Referendum, 80% of 16 and 17 year olds registered to vote. When politics talks to young people, they engage!

We need to challenge the idea that young people are less politically educated:

For myself, at 16 I was more politically aware than ever. I had just started at sixth form, I was studying politics at A-level and I was treated as a young adult rather than a child. Indeed, for many 16 is an age where they turn into young adults with increased levels of responsibility. At this age they can leave school, go into full time work, have consensual sex, get married and join the army.

Why does the state grant 16 year olds the right to have a child but not the right to vote?!

It’s time for politics to come of age!

What do you think? Make sure you have YOUR say in the campus-wide vote. #LeedsVotes

Free Education- I’m saying “No”

Lowering tuition fees for higher education? Yes! However, making higher education completely free would have many negative impacts.

Free education would see too many people attending university:

In 2013, a study by the Office for National Statistics showed that 47% of employed graduates from the last five years were in jobs which did not require higher education qualifications. This would only increase with more people at uni under free education. Many could go to uni for the wrong reasons rather than entering the job market or taking vocational courses valuable to our economy.

The value of a degree would decrease:

It may be argued that it’s not the duty of the tax payer to fund degrees for students who are likely to end up with some of the best paid jobs. A degree is currently something regarded as high value when climbing the career ladder.

Education is a human right that helps alleviate social-economic boundaries. Yet, currently even our state schools aren’t of a high enough standard:

As someone went to a very average state school, I was lucky to have a family who supported and helped me with my studies to achieve the grades for uni.

For many others, state school fails them and they don’t have the extra support. Government spending on education should be getting plugged into raising the standard of state school education - this is where education has most sway as an equaliser of people regardless of their socio-economic background. 

What do you think? Make sure you have YOUR say in the campus-wide vote. #LeedsVotes


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