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Fundraising League Winners Announced!

I’m so excited to be announcing the winner of this year’s pilot of the Fundraising League, but before I do, I’m going to keep you in suspense for a little longer as I highlight the brilliant achievements of everyone in the league.   

Seven societies including Men’s Hockey, Stage Musical Society, Guide Dogs, Musical Theatre, Women’s Hockey, Women’s Cricket and Rowing went to incredible efforts to raise just shy of £30K for some incredible charities which included SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy) Action, Pancreatic Cancer, Alzheimer's, Tusk Trust for African Wildlife, SARSVL (Support After Rape & Sexual Violence Leeds), Breakthrough Breast Cancer, National Youth Arts Trust.

How did the League work you ask?  For those of you who are not au fait with the Fundraising League, let me break it down:

· Challenge: Groups were challenged to set ambitious fundraising targets. They then fought to rise to the top of the league by reaching or succeeding their target by the largest percent.

· Support: They received a fundraising pack with lots of hints & tips and were invited to surgery hours with our new Leeds Uni Union Fundraising Manager and received advice and support from RAG’s wonderful Halls & Societies Co-ordinator Cordelia Linacre!

· Incentives: Groups were incentivised with £200 cash prizes for those who reached their target & £500 for the winner!

· Hard work and creativity: Above all, it was the enthusiasm and commitment of incredible committees who inspired their societies to get on board and organise brilliant events whilst setting incredible examples to clubs and societies across campus!

Those societies in the League took all these points on board and did some really amazing things, here’s a few of the highlights!

Men’s Hockey:

They created a new 2014-15 Charity Secretary position, filled by Ruan Shah, to help fundraise for SUDEP Action & other causes important to club members. They set a target of £1, 600 and absolutely smashed it by raising £4,792 – outstanding for their first year!

Their fundraisers were some of the most creative & unique, from a Movember tax at November socials to teaming up with RAG & women’s Hockey club to, not just climb, but dribble a hockey ball up the Yorkshire 3 Peaks! Check out the video footage

Women’s Hockey:

The Women’s Hockey has truly earned its dual status as not just a sports society but an outstanding fundraising society! The vast majority of their fundraisers have supported SUDEP Action which aims to support bereaved families. This is in memory of a former player Emily Sumaria, who passed away 2 years ago to Epilepsy.

Building on the incredible legacy of last year, their Community Secretary Hatty Carder made their bursting events calendar more improved and exciting than ever. To get their members  involved  they created a ‘Legend Leadership board’.  From pub quizzes, a Race Night, Christmas singing street collection, Challenges for Champions, MoRun, Channel Swim, Yorkshire 3 Peaks, Live below the Line Dinner Parties & Leeds Half Marathon – there’s no stopping this outstanding society!

Musical Theatre (MT):

MT have always fundraised at their shows, but this, as part of the League, they set their sights high! Last year they raised £100, and as part of the League this year? A whopping increase of £600 raised!

Situated upstairs in the cosy atmosphere of the Library pub, the room was full to the brim and the pub quiz attendees were wowed by incredible performances. They mixed things up with an Auction of Promises, cake sale & raffle! They also held a wonderful Christmas ‘Festive Spectacular’.

Stage Musical Society (SMS):

SMS set out for the year to raise more money for their society in order to invest in future productions. On top of their two fantastic full-scale musicals and cabaret, the society raised money through some quirky means including a 12-Hour Singathon at Christmas!

But there can only be one Fundraising League winner...and without further a do... congratulations to... the Guide Dogs Society!

Guide Dogs Society:

In their first year as a society they have truly gone above and beyond with their commitment, enthusiasm and creativity in fundraising.

The highlight fundraiser that everyone was talking about was of course the puppy room this semester which rose over a grand and saw just under 600 students de-stress during the exam period with adorable animals!

At Christmas, Guide Dogs raised money by getting photos of the dogs with students and printing them onto lovely Christmas cards! They also organised a Sensory Experience fundraiser, which was so effective because it gave participants a snap shot insight into what it’s like to be blind, allowing the participants to identify with the fundraising cause!

Guide Dogs have been incredibly communicative and passionate about the cause and being part of the League and I’m delighted at their success and have a lot of confidence that they’re going to grow from strength to strength from their first year! 

Are you up for the challenge next year?

Drop an email to our new Leeds Uni Union Fundraising Manager Ruth Fawcett to register your club or societies interest.

Thank you

A huge thank you to outstanding RAG society for all the help and support they give to clubs and societies to facilitate fundraising – it wouldn’t be possible to the same degree without them- in particular Cordelia Linacre! A massive shout out to standout committee members Ryan Chee (Guide Dogs), Ruan Shah (Men’s Hockey), Hatty Carder (Women’s Hockey), Sophie Roberts (SMS), Ellie Macpherson (MT) for the incredible things they’ve led their clubs and societies to achieve this year – the money you’ve raised for charitable causes will have such an impact on others and you should be incredibly proud of what you’ve achieved.


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