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Who are these banner-waving folk?

The Leadership Race is a big deal. To those in it, it is the biggest period of their life so far. For some candidates, it’s a potentially life-changing moment as they end university with credentials to make almost any employer salivate. For some candidates, it is their chance to give back to a Union that has given them so much. And for others, it is the chance to rectify some wrongs with how things are done. Whatever reason someone is running in the Leadership Race, it is the single most important moment of their university career.

Do the Exec even do anything?

The 6 people that you elect will represent you. We get asked daily, “what do the students think?” by the University in almost every decision they make. As trustees of the Union we are legally responsible for every decision that is made. Not only that, but we will implement your policies, whether that is having a ‘no platform’ policy or making Freshers’ Week plastic bag free (thanks dominos….) we are here to listen to you and do what you need us to. We’re also here to implement our own manifesto ideas. Candidate manifestos range from a few clear points to a whole range of points and ideas. These points are essential, as the first thing any officer does once elected is sit down and align the Union’s aims for the year to their manifesto aims. This has meant that a whole plethora of change has happened and is about to happen. Manifestos are extremely important, and here are a few of the key changes that the officers you elected this time last year have been working on:

Jonny is on the verge of revolutionising transport for students in Leeds by implementing a “Boris Bike” rental scheme as well as extending the £1 bus fare for students in Leeds.

Melz has transformed the University’s views on Education so that we will have our insights opened to a wider curriculum, which has also led to the University taking a view that PREVENT can be countered through bringing people and cultures together through education.

Gem has made accessibility one of the University’s key priorities, completely changing the standards that the University accepts as well as changing its approach to accessibility.

Freya has challenged and altered the way that the University views mental health and has played a crucial part in the development of their services so that they cater for your needs as students.

Toke has been working extremely hard steering the development of the Union’s new digital infrastructure. This includes delivering the new website that students have wanted for years, and has been on every candidate’s manifesto since 1926, as well as a new app and so much more.

And as for me, ah you’ll see………(S.Girls et al. Wannabe, 1995)


The team you decide is essential. I have said this many times, but I would not have been nearly as excited over this past year without such an incredible Exec team who are so dedicated, passionate and tireless. Everyone one of them has justified the faith that the student body gave them in voting them in. Of my fellow team, all I ever think is “If Carlsberg did Exec teams……….”

For those here next year, you are voting in your leaders. For those leaving, you are voting in the people who will look after the legacy of LUU. Make your vote heard, vote for the person who can represent you and work for you. It’s your Students’ Union and they are your student leaders, so take control of your union and decide who you want to vote for.


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