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Free funding for your club and society!

This is not one of those ‘now that I have your attention’ things where you throw out some random phrase to get people to click a link. I really do mean free funding.

As a former committee member on various societies, I know how difficult it can be to raise essential funds in order to put on activities. Hence why I think it is important that you all know of all the opportunities available to you. You may have seen this article about being a club and socs committee member but it only touched on some of the fundraising options. This particular article is about the funding available of £800 + for your club and society through the Footsteps Fund (as well as other ways to make some £).

Many of you may already know about the Footsteps Fund.  If not, it is a pot of money that is donated to the University from over 7,000 alumni each year.

This fund is available to students and members of clubs and societies. It supports activities that enhance the student experience and the principle that all outstanding students should have the opportunity to benefit from, and make the most of, their experience regardless of their background. Our donors trust the Footsteps Fund Committee to decide where to spend their gift in a way that will have the biggest or the best impact to the students at Leeds.

This is a great opportunity for you, your club or your project to receive financial support for a range of items or opportunities such as:

  • Sports or equipment that would improve your club (previous funding results have included; telescopes; diving equipment and rowing boats)


  • Activities during International Students’ Welcome Week


  • Activities that would support your club's financial sustainability and help increase participation.  One recent example is Stitch & Bitch’s Etsy style website where societies can sell their craft online for free!


If you would like to apply please complete the initial application form at the top of the page here  The deadline for submission is 9am 7th November.  If you are successful at this stage there will be an additional form to complete so please be ready to input more information on areas of expenditure and who the project will support.


You can find out more about the Footsteps Fund, which is part of the University of Leeds’ Making a World of Difference Campaign here


Other funding pots  - we have many!  Please do check them out here

Also, do remember we have the Fundraising League specific to clubs and societies with big financial incentives!  It’s free, fun and there’s loads of training so please join here!

For any more information please get in touch with Fundraising & Enterprise Manager on

I expect to see some big money events happening this semester and next!!

Tai xo


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