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Tai talks about activities

Clubs and Societies receive over £20,000 from Leeds Alumni!

Hey Tai here!

9 societies have been lucky in their application for Footsteps Funding support and have received amounts up to £7,080 to help deliver their clubs aims and increase participation.  Some of the lucky applicants include;


  • Trampolining who will use the funds to purchase a brand spanking new trampoline 
  • Electronic Music & DJ (BPM) who are buying new decks to increase female members through hosting more training sessions and buying some new equipment
  • The Economic Geologists who are going to increase the wealth of their society through gold panning equipment.


And many more…


The deadline for Footsteps Fund will open again in Spring 2017 and we will keep you updated with timings of this here – so please watch this space!


In the meantime, here’s a HUGE thank you to our amazing alumni who made these activities possible.  If you would like to know about fundraising please get in touch with Lily here and you can find out more about Footsteps Fund here!


All the best!


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