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Check Out the Fundraising Achievements of Our Societies

Over 40 societies have been working hard this year to raise money as part of the Fundraising League 2016/17 and for the chance to win some amazing prizes!

There have been some ambitious targets set and some innovative fundraising ideas this year with societies pledging to raise more money than ever before.

Many of those signed up have chosen to raise money for a range of local and national charities, while others are raising money to help run their societies and boost what they can offer their members. 

This year’s League will be ending this week and we’ll be celebrating the society’s achievements at the Fundraising League Awards Ceremony this March and at the Riley Smith Awards in May when the Fundraising League Winner will be announced!


Here’s what some of the societies have been up to:

  • Islamic society ran an International Food Night to give students a chance to meet people from different backgrounds and taste food from all around the world,  raising an amazing £416 for charity 
  • Wine society have put on an impressive programme of ticketed unique wine tasting events, including a Champagne Masterclass, Blend your own Bordeaux and a Valentines Chocolate and Wine event
  • Freestyle Dance have worked hard to secure sponsorships from a range of companies including KPMG
  • Leeds Marrow raised an amazing £5268 on Just Giving for their sponsored sky dive
  • Medsoc produced a Medics Pantomime where the theatrically talented members wrote and performed their own script with the proceeds from the tickets sales going to Medsoc Charities.


Next year’s Fundraising League is now open and societies can sign up by emailing . You can find out more information about the League and what prizes are available here

In the meantime, GOOD LUCK to all the societies in the League and congratulations on your amazing fundraising so far!


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