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First Buses Can Really Take You Places For Just £1!

It’s no shock that travel around Leeds is notoriously expensive with the price of a single bus fare being over £2 for some short-hop journeys within the city.


Throughout my term in office I have been working like a busy little bee with First Buses to launch a brand new fare structure on many bus routes popular with students and I am pleased to announce... we’ve finally managed to get some wheels turning!


From Monday 18th April longer journeys on the 56, 1 and 6 bus services will be just £1.  So you can get from Uni to Headingley Stadium, Weetwood Sports Facility and even Oxley Halls for just £1! 


Now, there are a few changes that will need to come into place given this joyous news. All students will need to present their student cards clearly to the bus drivers for the £1 fare to be applicable.  As part of the deal we have had to really convince First Buses that this is a good idea and it won’t dent a wedge in those end of year profits for them.


It’s a real case of use it or lose it.


The new student tariffs will run as part of a trial period up until Friday 17th June so in that time make sure you use the bus, I beg!! Whether you’re travelling into town and would usually get a taxi – let the bus be your ride.


Whereas before, two of you travelling in a taxi from Hyde Park/Burley into town was the same price as two of you catching the bus, around £4.50, this is no longer the case.


Let me get mathematical on you for a second – say the average taxi fare is £4.50 – and over 30 weeks you took one taxi ride  - those rides would cost you £67.50 (if you’re halving the taxi). And the bus for 30 weeks? Just £30 – that’s quite a saving!


The new £1 bus coverage means students can finally travel on the most popular journeys in the city, so the world is your oyster.


The same with driving to Weetwood or Oxley – the bus will be cheaper and much less effort – so make sure you get the bus rather than drive if you have a car.


You little beavers have been asking me to introduce cheaper bus fares – but we need to prove to First Buses that this is something we need and will use.


If First Buses see higher usage then they will begin to reduce costs on further routes around the city. And – even more exciting - if this trial period goes well then First Buses will introduce a brand new 30% reduced student bus tariff across all their bus services in West Yorkshire commencing September 2016.


So hop on the bus when you’re back in Term Three.


Peace and love as always everyone and if you do one productive thing this term then please let it be catching the bus xoxoxoxo


The £1 student fare offer is available:
To/from University towards Headingley

  • Services 1 and 6 - Ring Road (for Weetwood Sports) to University
  • Service 28 Foxhill Avenue (for Oxley) to University
  • Service 97 Lawnswood School (on Spen Road) to University
  • Service 56 Carnegie Stadium (North Lane) to University

To/from University towards City

  • Service 1 City Square/Bishopgate St to University
  • Services 6. 28, 97 Bus & Coach Station or Eastgate to University
  • Service 28 Liberty Dock to University

To/from Morrisons and St John's Centre (Woodhouse Lane/Albion St stops)

  • Services 1, 6, 28 and 97 to/from Headingley Arndale

Service 56 to/from Carnegie stadium


Charlotte Holding
3:53pm on 25 Apr 16 Would Headingley to the bus station be £1 or is it just to Morrison's?
Annabel Downing
12:56pm on 21 Apr 16 Just got on the bus at Uni to Carnegie Stadium, cost me £2.30, thought it was meant to be £1 so queried the fare and was told I was wrong....?!
Anna Warren
4:39pm on 11 Apr 16 Hello Kinga - the 56 fro Morrisons should get you there for £1.
Kinga Pasko
4:32pm on 9 Apr 16 What about the journey City Centre-Eldon (stop outside Engineering)? That one stop difference is/was £1 difference as well.
Liam Kelly
4:01pm on 8 Apr 16 Great News. Thank Jonny - two stops from Hyde Park Corner used to cost an extra £1 and now it'll just be £1 - kerching.
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