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We need to talk about voting

2016, ay?

What a year. Bowie, Brexit and the BBC selling Bake Off.

This week, the curse of 2016 could strike again.

Just imagine how you might feel if you drag yourself out of bed on Wednesday morning for your 9am. It's still dark outside. You've still got sleep in your eyes. You grab your phone. You scroll through your alerts and stop dead at:


OK, so I'll stop trying to scare you.

The point I'm trying to make is that voting and elections are important. When people don't vote, bad things happen. Whilst we can't influence what happens over in the US this week, we only need to look to our own country to find a society going through a huge political change ever since people voted to leave the European Union on June 23. This has been the biggest change to our country in generations.

Why not take the Hillary-Trump election this week as a reminder to register to vote for elections over here in the UK? 

Although a General Election here in the UK isn't officially due until 2020, as the weeks crawl past in this post-Brexit Britain, it's looking increasingly likely that Theresa May will have to call an early election, perhaps as early as Spring 2017 (which is sooner than you think).

After students voted for it at our LUU forums last month, I'm also campaigning to get the university to do more to help students register to vote, making it available as an optional part of the enrolment process at the start of each uni term.

This really feels like one of those weeks in which the world is watching. Register to vote and you might be able to make a change here yourself.


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