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Jamie talks about community

Leave a Christmas presence in Leeds

On Wednesday 7 December, you’ll be able to leave a Christmas presence in Leeds and donate your unwanted stuff to local charities. I’m working with LUU’s Leeds Community Project, the Union’s fab new team of Community Organisers, to put on collection point out in Hyde Park.

We’ve teamed up with Hyde Park Book Club and Hyde Park Picture House to set up drop off points, open 11am-4pm on Wednesday 7, for any unwanted clothes, food (fresh, frozen, or just out the fridge or the cupboard) or empty glass bottles from all those end of term parties and pre-drinks.

Your food will be going to the Real Junk Food Project, who divert food destined for waste and serve it up into lovely (pay as you feel!) meals at their café at All Hallows Church in Hyde Park. They take any kind of food or leftovers, even stuff that’s about to go out of date. So much better than binning all your fridge food before you go home for the holidays! Your cupboard stuff (non-perishables like your tins or beans, packets of pasta or jars of curry sauce or whatever) will go to the local Trussell Trust Leeds North and West food bank. Across the UK, over 1 million emergency food packages have been given out to families in real difficulty – up from just over 60,000 in 2010. Food poverty is a real and present issue facing millions of family in our country, so it’s great the LUU is doing our part to help combat this.

We’ll also be collecting old or unwanted clothes to send off the St Vincent de Pauls, a network of local charity shops.

We’ve also teamed up with Leeds City Council to have a collection of empty glass bottles for after all those Christmas celebrations and festivities. (Remember! These can’t go in your green bin and can usually only be recycled at designated bottle banks across the city).

So! Come down with your unwanted clothes, leftover food and empty glass bottles on Wednesday 7, to Hyde Park Book Club or Hyde Park Picture House, have a chat with a member of the Leeds Community Project and help leave the perfect present for someone out in the Leeds community this festive season.


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