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Jamie talks about community

Jamie's Going On Leave For A Little Bit

For the sake of transparency and accountability, I thought it was appropriate to write a short statement explaining that I'll be taking temporary unpaid absence from my post as Community Officer on Leeds University Union's Exec until June 9th.


I've accepted a full-time job with the Labour Party for the period of the General Election. One of the proudest things I did as a student was serving as Chair of Leeds Labour Students, so of course my own political views will come as a shock to nobody. I sincerely believe that Student Union officers should be unapologetically political and, therefore, open and honest about their views and their own personal politics no matter where they place themselves on the political spectrum and, in their officer post, they should act accordingly. However, LUU is a charity and therefore cannot be seen to be party political, so I took the decision to temporarily leave my post to avoid any potential conflicts.


In the meantime, your Equality & Diversity Officer Emma will be leading LUU's General Election campaign, working closely with the rest of the Exec.Contact her with any questions about the General Election. We're looking for volunteers to help us out! Our main focuses at LUU will be getting students registered to vote and getting them informed about the choice we'll face on June 8th.


So, remember to register to vote.



While Jamie is away, for all Community questions, please get in touch with Abdul our Community Engagement Manager by emailing him here.


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