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Emma talks about E & D

Mon 24 Apr 2017

The battle for LGBTQ+ rights and inclusion is far from over.

Events, like the current situation in Chechnya, serve to remind us that the battle for LGBTQ+ rights and inclusion is...
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Thu 01 Sep 2016

Let's Talk About Sex

Talking about sex can be embarrassing, uncomfortable, and awkward – but it is a conversation we need to be having.   This...
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Fri 18 Mar 2016

The Budget - It’s Not Right and It’s Not OK

This week I’m gutted to hear George Osborne’s Budget announcement includes cuts to disability allowance.    These proposed cuts...
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Wed 27 May 2015

Operation Liberation!

In the last few weeks I’ve been searching for next year’s liberation coordinators in LUU. If you have...
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Tue 14 Apr 2015

Do you give an XXXX?

Last week I finally registered to vote. It’s pretty strange for me to be talking about the General Election...
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Wed 11 Feb 2015

A sneak peak into E&D

I’ve had such an amazing and jam-packed year being an Exec, last week was particularly fun for me...
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Tue 09 Dec 2014

Have Your Say #LeedsVotes

Voting at 16 - Yes Some people say that at 16 we’re “too young” to decide who to vote for...
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Fri 05 Dec 2014

Access all areas!

As it’s the last day of Disability Awareness Week I’m really excited to announce the project I’m...
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Wed 01 Oct 2014

We’ve got your back

A couple of weeks ago NUS released a statement which showed us the unfortunate statistics surrounding Lad Culture in Universities...
Tue 06 May 2014

Cuts to Disabled Students' Support Allowance

The government has recently announced that they plan to cut Disabled Students’ Support Allowance (DSA).  DSA is a vital support...
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