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We’ve got your back

A couple of weeks ago NUS released a statement which showed us the unfortunate statistics surrounding Lad Culture in Universities across the UK, and how universities aren’t doing enough to tackle unwelcome sexual advances.

NUS asked 2156 university students whether they have experienced any form of sexual assault, and their opinions on the emerging ‘Lad Culture’ that can be found on sites such as ‘Ladbible’ or ‘Unilad’.  

NUS found that “more than a quarter endure unwanted sexual comments about their body” and a shocking third of respondents felt they “had to endure unwanted sexual comments about their body.”

But to many, these results aren’t that shocking at all.

Do you feel safe?

Through our Express Yourself survey we know that your safety is a priority for you, which is why we already have a zero tolerance to sexual harassment scheme within the union – we’ve got your back. This means that the union is a safe space for all students, that we do not accept any form of sexual harassment or assault, and our staff are fully trained to deal with any cases.

Considering these latest statistics, we’re passionate about doing more to stamp out sexual assault in all its forms, which is why we need to roll this out on a wider scale.

We’re taking on the city!

We are therefore launching a new scheme which will enable us to train bars and venues in Leeds City Centre to take on the We’ve Got Your Back policy, ensuring that staff are not only aware of the different kinds of sexual harassment, but they know how to deal with it.

We’ve recruited two student project coordinators, Nick and Nicola, to develop a series of training sessions to deliver to bars and clubs across the city of Leeds. They’ll be working hard to make sure that all staff understand the different kinds of sexual harassment, and that they are equipped with the knowledge to support potential victims. They will help venues create safe environments for students, and empower staff to pass on reports to the police.

This is a pretty exciting project, as we are only the second city to roll this out following London. So remember that whatever you experience, whether it’s big or small, in our building or in the city - we’ve got your back. 


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