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Emma talks about E & D

Access all areas!

As it’s the last day of Disability Awareness Week I’m really excited to announce the project I’m working on at the moment – and that’s accessible accommodation for disabled students.

Access is a huge issue to tackle in Leeds whether it’s on campus, using taxis or in Hyde Park in general. However, after living in halls myself for the last 4 years I’m determined to do something about this. What message are we sending if disabled students can’t even move in or socialise with their friends after first year? We all know that halls aren’t the cheapest either – so why should disabled students have to pay more just to be able to carry on studying?

Most students move to Hyde Park or Headingly when they go into their second year, but most houses have about five steps in with uneven, cracked or cobbled paths leading up to them. First of all, I want to find out how many students have had to go along with the idea of staying in halls, or have needed adaptations that haven’t been met. And then I want to get landlords to listen, take note and make their homes accessible for all students.

So if you’re a disabled student, watch this space - I want to know what difficulties you’ve had getting a house, adaptations or paying for accommodation. I’ll be posting a survey in the next week or two to kick start this campaign. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me on


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