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Emma talks about E & D

Have Your Say #LeedsVotes

Voting at 16 - Yes

Some people say that at 16 we’re “too young” to decide who to vote for or “we’re not as informed” at that age to have such a massive responsibility. 

When I was 16 I started receiving DLA (Disability Living Allowance), which would pay for mobility and care in order to make my life as independent as possible. I was deciding what I wanted to do with my life.

I was also preparing for my future. I was working towards independent living by sorting direct payments from the government, which would pay for personal assistants. This involved interviews, long meetings with social workers and a lot of paperwork. If I have the capacity to deal with these decisions at 16, I believe I certainly should have the right to vote, which would affect so many aspects of my life. 

If you don’t think young adults at 16 are ready to vote then I would ask you to think about the young adults that are affected by so many decisions the government make. In my eyes – the younger you have a voice, the better.

What do you think? Make sure you have YOUR say in the campus-wide vote. #LeedsVotes

Free Education – Yes

Why shouldn’t everyone have the right to an education? What I don’t get is why we have to buy a degree - it has become a commodity that we feel forced to accrue a massive amount of debt to attain – just to be educated. I know people that wouldn’t even think about going to university because they simply can’t afford it. 

With just over £27k in debt, you could be in with the chance of having the career you dreamed of (that’s if you’ve even picked the right degree for your career). I’ll repeat that – twenty-seven thousand pounds of debt from the age of 21.

This just seems ridiculous. Why should this be a decision we have to make at an age where we might not even know what we want to do as a career yet?

Being at university is not just about getting a degree, it’s about meeting people from all over the world that share the same passions and interests as you.

I’m not saying for one moment that it’s terrible to not have a degree, what I am saying is we all deserve to have a choice – and at the moment, not a lot of people do.

What do you think? Make sure you have YOUR say in the campus-wide vote. #LeedsVotes


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