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Emma talks about E & D

A sneak peak into E&D

I’ve had such an amazing and jam-packed year being an Exec, last week was particularly fun for me, so I thought I’d share my day with you guys so you can have a glimpse into what life as an Equality and Diversity Officer is like!

Last Monday was such an eventful and exciting day – one of those days where you’re really grateful for the job you have. I came in later in the day as I knew it was going to be a hectic one that will finish later. One of the great things about working here is that we can take flexible work days – it’s never a 9-5 job.

First of all, all of us Exec had training for our new Exec radio show which I’m SUPER excited about. We all learnt how to work the technical side of the radio so I can’t wait to get started! Check out our show every Monday where two Exec members will be on the show from 1-2pm! 

I also popped in to see the PSG (Palestine solidarity group) event with students who had travelled from Palestine to Leeds to share their research and personal experiences. This was a really thought provoking event and great to see students visiting the Leeds campus. 

I didn't manage to stay long however as I had to dash off to the LGBT History Month launch. It was time to get the stage ready (and lots of cheesy balloons!). This event was held in the Union Foyer and it was a chance to get the awareness raising of the month kick started. I always like to prepare when I have to give a speech so I took some time to go over what I was going to say and to also make sure the other speakers were happy and ready for the event. Overall I’m super proud of the event and the LGBT society and liberation coordinators and it was so great to see everyone mingling and chatting. Thank you to everyone that came.

By the time the event was ending it was around 6.30pm and I still had to talk about my idea at the Better Union Forum. A forum is where you put your ideas through on what you want to change about the Union/University and Leeds and a panel decide whether they want those ideas passing. I was really nervous about this and had been practicing how I was going to pitch the idea. This was to change the title of my role to Equality and Inclusion officer. There was a range of opinions and it was good to get feedback on the idea. After a discussion it was agreed that everyone wanted to keep the word ‘diversity’ in the title but liked the addition of ‘inclusion’. So the title Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer was proposed and voted on. However the votes were 9 yes 5 no which meant that the idea is going to referendum. I’m super excited as this means I’ll have to try and get 1,500 students to vote on my idea and if it passes the title will be Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer!              

All in all I had a fabulous day, it was great to chat to students and promote the amazing events we have lined up this month! 

This is just one day of my role, but you can see how diverse and varied even a single day can be for an Exec Officer. If you’re thinking of running for my role, pop in to see me any time if you’d like a chat.


Isabella Ide
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