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The Budget - It’s Not Right and It’s Not OK

This week I’m gutted to hear George Osborne’s Budget announcement includes cuts to disability allowance. 


These proposed cuts to Personal Independence Payment will make everyday things like personal care, eating, getting about – basically living the life you want to lead really difficult for the likely 640,000 (probably more) people who will be affected by it.


Disability allowance has supported me since I was 16 and I can honestly say I couldn’t imagine my life without it – and I think it’s really unfair that other people should have to.  The allowance has allowed me to live independently and to even be your Exec member – going to work without the allowance would make carrying out my job extremely difficult, if not impossible.   


The changes will affect a wide range of people including those with visible or invisible impairments or a long term health conditions and as the criteria for allowance assessment becomes much stricter, independence could be lost and will this will of course affect people’s mental health. 


The cuts are said to come in in January 2017 - if you are worried about how this will affect you please come and speak to the Student Advice Centre, who are always here to signpost you to the right help and support. 


So to anybody whose affected by these changes – let’s challenge these politicians! No one should have to fight to get their basic rights but in this instance, it looks like we’re going to have to.   


If you, like me, think this is wrong and unjust - why not run a campaign on it? Give me an email and I can support you in campaigning. 



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